Gypsy Rose looks wistfully out the window at the rain:


5 responses to “IT’S SO FLUFFY !!!

  1. Wow! Is that a fabulous furry backside or what?! My HB is also so glum at being indoors while it rains. Ever since she was a teeny tiny kitten she wanted to go OUT (nose pressed against Molly’s screen door….)

  2. whoa!She’s so fluffy, indeed! Even fluffier than the last time. GR is amazing

  3. As I said in the Kitty Cam chat, Gypsy Rose looks like a fluffy pillow I’d love to lay my head on. 😀

  4. I’m amazed that the ‘rollercoaster’ isn’t squashed flat, with the giant GR on top!

    Amazinf fluffiness and wonderful disposition… LOVE her…

  5. That’s a lot of fluffiness spread out there!

    I wonder if like her namesake, she’s looking out into the future to see when the rain is going to stop.

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