Tiny Bear on High

Tiny Bear on the high shelves over the entry door.  I managed to get a photo of her from both sides.  You can just barely see her from the upstairs window which looks back over the entry way.  She stayed up there for quite a while just looking out over the neighborhood.  This is a view they can’t see from their enclosure behind the house.

And from inside:


9 responses to “Tiny Bear on High

  1. Lady of all she surveys!!! AND so adorable while doing so 🙂

  2. She’s lovely up there. I’m afraid of highness but she seems not to care about that. After all the Mythicbells cats are trained climbers!

  3. I love both pictures, but there is just something about the first one (taken from outside) that is so special! You have quite a knack for capturing amazing shots, Molly! 😀

  4. she is thinking…..’What is all that going on out there’……… adorable face at the window 😀

  5. Lovely pics thanks Molly.
    Top Cat.

  6. Molly, how in the world did you get the camera up there? I hope you weren’t climbing out on the roof!

    • LOL! someone else asked me that too — no, I was standing in the Master Bedroom and took the photo through the window up there. It looks down on the entry.

  7. Phew! That’s a relief! I did wonder if you were perching precariously on the roof to take that first shot Molly.

    Tiny Bear looks so adorably cute keeping an eye on all she surveys in the neighbourhood!

  8. LOL Jill and Grizabella ! I thought the same thing, “Oh no,
    Molly is on the roof, camera in one hand, and Dyson in the
    other!” (spotless home AND spotless roof :D)

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