Putting Koi Koi to bed …

I was just settling Sequoia into the nursery for the night — she was SO cute, I stayed up a few extra minutes to take these photos and process them:


13 responses to “Putting Koi Koi to bed …

  1. Cute indeed!

  2. Beautiful !!

  3. Sequoia looks pissed-off, as usual, in the most adorable way! 😀

  4. I think she is plotting – probably got the idea when being ‘cuddled’ by KF!
    But also absolutely adorable and cute as everyone has said…

  5. Jennifer Heizer

    So cute!! Love Koi Koi 🙂

  6. Well worth those extra minutes Molly, to capture such cuteness!

  7. Gosh….she does not look very happy in that last photo………. : (

  8. That’s her “pensive” look! lol. Now don’t everyone get on this “she looks unhappy kick” and make me take it down. OTOH, it does not always bode well for me when Koi Koi goes all ‘pensive’ on me. 😀

    • I didn’t mean that she was unhappy in any way. She often appears to have a scowl on her face and I think it’s absolutely adorable!

  9. Just too cute. She is plotting not sad.

  10. No, Koi Koi doesn’t look unhappy to me. How can any Mythicbells kitty be unhappy! She may well be plotting though….. maybe how to get more wabbit on the menu. 😀

  11. LittlePrincessMom

    Beautiful Koi Koi, beautiful pictures, keep them coming Molly

  12. Gwen AKA Supagme

    My cat often gets that look when I take a lot of picture of her. I think it is a “mom really” look.

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