Mini Photoshoot this morning …


11 responses to “Mini Photoshoot this morning …

  1. Wow!! Great shots of all that beautiful fluffiness 🙂

  2. Oops! forgot to check notify me…

  3. As usual, you got beautiful shots of Gypsy Rose, Sirocco, and Kalahari! What gorgeous kitties! 😀

  4. Beautiful – as always !!!

  5. I love your kitties and their pictures. And I love pictures of Gypsy Rose in all her furry glory! She has such poses! (Our Himalayan grew large “horns” of fur this year, too. I think they knew about the harsh winter that was coming to North America.)

  6. I always wonder how many smaller kitties GR has concealed under all that fluff… Bobin.

  7. LittlePrincessMom

    Beautiful, Bautiful pictures of your babies. Love them all, Blessings to all of you

  8. I love the way Gypsy Rose is laying there, just a blob of furryness and a face.

    Those of us who have the Mythicbells calendars have had to say goodbye to Gypsy Rose as ‘Miss January’. I loved looking at her furry breeches and often gave her a tickle! So now February is the turn of dear, spunky little Hiawatha and every time I walk into my kitchen, he’s peeking at me through the greenery.

    • Jennifer Heizer

      Yes, it was sad to say goodbye to GR as Miss January but Mr. February (aka Hiawatha) is just too cute for words 🙂 Molly, your calendar makes me smile every day!!!

      • TY! I LOVE that photo of Hiawatha (now Lenny) – in fact it’s now on the front page of my website until I replace it with whatever one catches my fancy next time.

  9. I love my calendar and seeing your beauties! But I want to just hold them, kiss their tummies and have them running around my house! Some day some way , their will be two “little fur ball” running around this East Coast house again. Thanks for sharing the daily pics !

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