Litter box Poll Summary

Here it is, folks.  Not much, but interesting.  I’ve rounded the percentages and this was a very small section of the cat loving population – emphasis on *small.*

How Often do you scoop the box(es): 37% once a day, 50% twice a day, 13% once a week

How many cats do you have: 23% – 1, 47% – 2, 11% – 3, 9% – 4, 11% – more than 4

How many litter boxes do you keep: 70% – 1 per cat, 20% – 1 per cat plus 1 (recommended), 3% – more than recommended, 3% – cat(s) go outsideWhat type of litter do you use: 46% – clumping clay, 6% – non clumping clay, 5% – newspaper pellets, 8% – corn and/or wheat, 3% – pearls, 3% – other, 10% –  scented, 20% – unscented

What type of box or boxes do you use: 55% – uncovered store bought, 23% – covered, home made from storage boxes – 21%

What kind of problems are you currently having: 17% – sides of litter boxes too low, pee over sides, 60% – too much litter is kicked out, 15% – 1 or more cats pee outside the box, 8% – one or mor cats poop outside the box.

How often do you dump the litter and scour the box(es): 8% – more than once a week, 13% – once a week, 13% – every 2 weeks, 21% – every month, 32% – when ever I think about it, 13% – never


7 responses to “Litter box Poll Summary

  1. Do anyone else’s cats like to use the litter box immediately after it is scooped, even though it never has a chance to get very dirty? To me it’s like a baby who poops immediately after a diaper change…LOL! 😀

  2. YES!!!! It drives me crazy. Just the male does.. and he also still “humps” some of my stuffed animals, even though hes neutered. Female does just fine litterbox wise.

  3. I thought that was normal.

  4. Well, it’s certainly normal here — except for Kalahari who rushes in from distant places to use the box WHILE I’m cleaning it … I try to outwit him and leave him in THAT box while I clean the next one, only to find him right on my heels.

    • Usually one or both cats will sit on the steps near the litter box watching me scoop it. Once, Zoey came up to me while I was scooping and she was crying. As soon as I moved out of her way, she hopped in the box as she was having an IBD episode. I felt so bad for her! Other than that one time, neither of them has ever come near the box while I was scooping. They watch from the steps. Leave it to Kalahari to invade a box while you are cleaning it! He is such a character!

  5. I have found it interesting reading the results of the litter box poll and all your replies. Thanks Molly for posting.

    I suppose cats being the fastidious creatures that they are, they know that as soon as their humans make the litter box pristine clean, that’s the best time to use it. Or in Kalahari’s case, during the cleaning process.

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