ACK! Going poll crazy

Litter Maintenance Poll still open

You can still vote via the link above.  I want to thank everyone whose participated so far.  I’m getting a huge kick out of the results and also the comments.  I’m SO relieved that I’m not the only one with “over 4 cats.”  BTW at the bottom of each question box you can see current results and also a few comments in addition to the ones entered on this blog.  Apparently they go through the poll website.

So, how long should I leave the poll open before making a summary of the results.  I’ll go with the popular vote as of 1/31/10:


7 responses to “ACK! Going poll crazy

  1. If someone hasn’t voted within a week, they’re not gonna…

  2. Um, if I give away a couple of my cats can I change my answer to less than 4?

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