Litter box maintainance poll.

I thought a poll would be fun, plus I wanted to play with the poll option.  I’ve started it out with my own answers.  This was prompted by the discovery of an interesting franchise: Doody Calls maybe coming to your area?  They offer to clean up after your pets.  I wonder much in demand this is for cats?


25 responses to “Litter box maintainance poll.

  1. It will be interesting to see the results!! Thanks Molly 🙂

  2. It certainly will. I’ll try to remember to post a summary after it’s been up for a while. Remind me if I forget 😀

  3. Since I don’t have a cat OR a litterbox, I cant participate in the poll…. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


  4. I’ll be interested in the results. I couldn’t answer the poll on the number of litter boxes in relation to the number of cats as my option wasn’t there. I have 2 cats, but only one litter box. My girls are litter mates and have always shared without any issues. They are both litter box compliant and I scoop it daily, so I have never had any reason to add more boxes.

  5. Most of this poll doesn’t apply to my particular cat boxes or situation: I have the excellent Breeze cat litter system, which is AWESOME, and my eldest boy, Opossum, has arthritis, so he doesn’t squat and hence pees over the side of the box…but the box is so great (with the puppy pads inside and the ceramic litter that can be bleached and reused forever) that I don’t want to get rid of the box and go to something with higher sides. Such a dilemma!

    • Had to look that system up … I have not heard of it. I’d have nightmares thinking about the pad under the pan storing a weeks worth of urine – lol.

      Interesting the things that work best for different people.

      Litter and the whole maintenance thing is kind of like discussing politics and religion —

      • The puppy pads, or “cat pads,” actually don’t smell at all — they are a little different than regular puppy pads, and keep the smell in for some reason. And I don’t wait a whole week to change the pads for the heavily used boxes. It’s not as bad as it sounds!

  6. Yes, you need more options on the number of litter boxes. I have 2 cats and one litter box. The cats also have the option of outdoors.

    • Actually that’s true for me as well … I have two covered litter boxes in the enclosure and I have to use non-clumping out there or I have a mess on my hands when it rains… they also occasionally “go” other places out there, but do seem to mostly use the boxes. I did count them in my over all litter box count, but didn’t count the non-clumping. It’s just a poll – can’t cover everything. BTW the ‘recommended’ number of boxes is only that – a recommendation. I had one box for many years with 2 then 3 cats and never had any issues. I did learn, though, that another box helped with odor build up – that was back in the days I scooped once a day and did a lousy job of keeping the boxes clean on a daily basis.

  7. Interesting – I have only really used the litter boxes when my cats were kittens and not allowed outside for a few months and of course just recently as Mustard is 18 yrs old and finding it hard to make it through the cat flap these days bless her heart – so she has come to using the litter box constantly – she does on occasions still go outside.

  8. Like Bobin, I neither have any cats or litter boxes at the moment, but I do still have a bag of cat litter in the boot of my car from when we had very icy roads and the grit ran out. Does that count??

  9. I have two cats, with two boxes. One is a “standard” pet store litter box, and the other is a litter box made from a large rectangular shaped storage box. No problems with the cats (both female) going in the boxes, except if I don’t scoop (newspaper pellets) for a day or two. Then, my one cat (a Maine Coon mix) goes either in my tub or bathroom sink! Yuck! Why do they do that??

    • I’d blame the newspaper pellets (not a normal stratum for cats), or the need for at least one more litter box since you are under the recommended number — BUT if the Maine Coon only exhibits this behavior if you don’t scoop for a day or two, it’s a pretty clear message. I’ve never tried the newspaper pellets, but can only imagine what a noxious mess it might be without daily or, even better, twice daily maintenance?

      I have a cat that uses the sinks, tub, shower — so this may be like asking the wrong person – lol. I’ve tried all of the recommendations and my boxes are spotless. Last night she most carefully used the shower drain. I can’t believe I’m now thinking this is a GOOD thing!

      • Maybe Nugget wants to be toilet trained? Since she is using places where her pee goes down the drain. maybe she would like the toilet. I’m sure you’ve heard of those kits for toilet training a cat. You never know…

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  11. Interesting. As you know, Tiger has “issues” from time to time. Lily is a good girl and ALWAYS uses the box; she also goes around after Tiger and buries his “deposits”, since he does not. They mostly don’t use the original box in the laundry room. They “mostly” use 1 box for #1 and the other for #2, but not constant on that. I still haven’t figured out a pattern to the outside the box peeing, though he only goes on the inside of the front door. Biggest problem with that is the stink when the sun hits the front door, as it seeps down to wear I can’t get at it – need to do some ripping and and sealing of some kind…

    • The issues with no pattern are the worst, and even if you find a pattern of some kind and a solution, it’s not always a permanent solution. Some things seem to work for a while, then they don’t any more. Peeing at the door is kind of classic. If they always use one spot, I’d go with puppy pee pads or something along those lines to protect the flooring. In fact I’m doing that now with Simba Kahn. He’s been very good during the day, but I confine him in the studio at night. There is usual one and sometimes two puddles right at the entry in the morning. He’ll do that consistently for a while, then stop for a while. I now put pads down taped to the floor and that’s working well. With the cork flooring I didn’t want that sinking in. I just switched to the large baby crib mattress covers (flat, not fitted) that have a water proof barrier inside them – same thing – taped to the floor, then just wash them every morning. They are larger, and less likely to get torn, so better than the puppy pads.

  12. Hi Molly. I don’t think my answers are going to be much use to your poll. As you know, sometimes we do things differently over this side of the pond. Not better, just different. My 2 elderly cats have always shared the same litter box, without any problems. However, they can – and do – ‘go’ outdoors, digging holes in the ground, etc. during the daytime. The female is now quite ill with kidney disease and arthritis and can’t squat so sometimes pees over the edge. We use newspaper pellets – and clean the box out completely every 1 1/2 to 2 days, scooping out between times……so, like Mindy, I can’t really answer a couple of questions because my options weren’t there.

  13. OK, i’ll play back to the time when i had a kitty. My beloved Iggy Olive. Sweet baby.

  14. BTW – love your poll and all your blogs, videos, etc. Our max cat count at one time was 10 when we rescued a litter of 6 kittens and a mom. For many years we had 8 to 6 cats, but after 17 years, we are now down to 2 cats. The mom from the litter we rescued is still with us!

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