Bed-Head, Kalahari

The photo speaks for its self.  WHAT A WILD MAN – aka Yeti Cat:


9 responses to “Bed-Head, Kalahari

  1. Can’t POSSIBLY mix him up with Tiny Bear !!!!!!!!

  2. HAHAHA!!! What a cutie 😀 Love him. BTW, Molly, does KF have any problems with static electricity??

  3. Still looks sleepy, too.

  4. Don’t you believe it, Rae. he’s just lulling you into a sense of falsee security…
    But oh so beautifully…


  5. Kalahari looks so cute! I just want to kiss that face and cuddle with him! 😀

  6. I love him – always have !! If only I lived nearer – he could have been mine. LOL !!! 😀

  7. He really is so beautiful in all his punky wildness!

    I was looking for a birthday card earlier today, I always pick up the cat ones and look at them, the shop had a section of cards with ‘cat- isms’ on them, I read one that suits Kalahari to a tee. ‘ Cats don’t pose, that wouldn’t be photogenic.’

    • Molly…

      Besides the calendar idea posed earlier, maybe you should try to sell some of your shots to Hallmark! I bet they would buy this one!

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