General news & new Sequoia photo

Is it nearly February?  There continues to be no kitten news on the Mythicbells front.  Other news?  The kitties are all doing well.  Gypsy Rose’s fluff prediction has proven to be quite accurate.  I think everyone has been much fluffier this season.  I’m doing my best to keep up with it.  Everyone got mane and butt tune ups recently.

Nugget and Sirocco sleep with me at night sometimes and sometimes not.  I don’t know what’s up with that.  I guess they just have better things to do on occasion?  Nugget is doing fairly well with her ‘nervous disorder’ but we still have occasional pee in the sink issues.  I haven’t gone the stud pants route with her yet and don’t think I’ll need to.

If anyone is watching KittyCam in the middle of the night (PST), you might notice that Sequoia is in the nursery/studio quite often.  For several weeks now I’ve been firm about keeping her and Simba Kahn confined at night.  While there are no kittens with protective momma cat in attendance, I will continue to give them the nursery to save my carpets from their naughty behavior.  Later, I’ll have to think of other accommodations for one or both of them for the nights.  During the day Simba Kahn sleeps most of the time and the princess panties work extremely well for Sequoia.  In the spring I’ll probably need to have Simba Kahn in his as well during the days or at least the early evenings.  He’s not going to be as easy to catch.  I also felt that it was a good idea to get Sequoia used to being confined in a room for when she has kittens…. thinking positive on this score!  I’m pretty sure she’s not going to be an easy queen to deal with, much like Sahara.

You will also see Sahara in the nursery at night quite often with Simba Kahn and Sequoia.  For the moment they are all getting along fine and Sahara seems to simply put herself to bed in the nursery in the late evening and is very happy to stay there, though there is no reason that she needs to be confined at this point.

It’s business as usual with the rest and everyone is enjoying our favorable turn in the weather including myself.

Here’s a cute photo of Sequoia taken yesterday:


16 responses to “General news & new Sequoia photo

  1. popponessetbandit

    Thanks for the post, Molly. I was beginning to go through Mythicbells withdrawal. Glad everything is well.

  2. Thanks Molly, the blog was very interesting to read, as always.

    Lovely photo of Sequoia, she looks thoughtful. I have been sitting here staring at her and trying to transfer my kitten thoughts through to her. Now how daft is that??

  3. That is a very lovely photo of Koi Koi – I wonder if she is dreaming of her future kitten family :D… I am sure it will all happen very soon. Thanks Molly for your Blog.

  4. Sequoia looks adorable, as usual! I know you are confining Simba Kahn and Sequoia for spraying issues, but do you think keeping them, plus Sahara, together at night might increase their chances of mating?

  5. LittlePrincessMom

    Beautiful picture of Sequoia. My Princess has a lot more fur this year then she has had in the past. She will go in for her checkup a week from Mon.. Can’t wait to see how much she weighs. Blessings to all of your kitties and you Molly

  6. Echo what others have said…

    Have noticed Seq ‘on duty’ at your night time (our mornings) but not the otheres – they probably ‘roost higher’ than the web-cam’s view….

    Glad all is going well v and that no major disagreements all round.
    Especially good to hear Nugget news.
    LOL – perhaps she will start her own postings one day, under that title?


  7. forgive me….complete newbie question here:
    assuming you are going to have Sequoia get pregnant this year…how do you, umm….facilitate the breeding? I mean, do they just naturally do it (since both are intact)? or do you keep them in the same room together? ??

    sorry, i’m completely curious about this….


    • Hi Beth, It all depends on when/if the female comes into heat… which is something I can’t predict. Simba Kahn is always ready and will mate with a queen in heat. Some times if the queen and stud have never met, there can be problems of one not accepting the other, etc… but that’s not a problem in this case. Sahara has already had 3 litters by him, so I’m guessing she will again. We don’t know about Sequoia…. as many know Gypsy Rose never managed to mate with Simba Kahn, though she did have heats and accepted SK …. she refused a guest stud I brought in and I eventually had her spayed … so mating is not always assured. No facilitating on my part, I assure you – lol.

  8. Beth, I’m curious, too. It’s something I’ve wondered about on occasion as well. (Cute Sequoia pic!)

  9. thank you!!

  10. I wrote a bit about this in a previous post:
    Though it’s mainly about ‘stud service’ it covers some of the details as to how this work when breeding pedigree cats. As you can see from the comments, several people didn’t PAY ATTENTION to what I wrote and are asking for stud service (lol) — one comment was just this week.

    • I can’t believe the last reply from the woman who was basically trying to guilt you into allowing her to use Simba Kahn to mate with her cat because she had two animals who were dying. People are crazy!

  11. Well, perhaps SK should adorn the nursery with scented candles, fresh flowers, and a decorative bowl of raw wabbit….ya know, to woo the ladies.
    A little ambiance goes a long way.


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