Tiny Bear’s Children in Residence

I think I’ve shown a similar photo before, but just had to post this one taken tonight.  This is where Tiny Bear’s children sleep at night — Kalahari Falcon & Gypsy Rose.  By the tiny Persian standards of Mythicbells, these two are enormous, each weighing at about 10.5 lbs.  Notice how they carefully position themselves directly on the placemats!


12 responses to “Tiny Bear’s Children in Residence

  1. Of course they sleep right on the place mats! I’ve seen Phoebe & Zoey sleep on a piece of paper because it’s ‘different.’

    Tiny Bear made absolutely adorable babies! It’s amazing how they are both almost twice her size! 😀

  2. So funny!!! Those are now officially “kittie-mats” 😀

  3. I remember Kalahari as a so tiny kitty on the camera meowing everytime you check his weight and now…what a BIG, gorgous kitty he is! Moreover GR is a lovely giant cat,so I think you’re so luky to have them both in your house.
    I’m so grateful you show us your precious cats with both photos and videos. Did you know it’s because of Mythicbells I made my aunt choose a cat like Polly? I fell in love with your Goldens so I wanted a sweet doll-faced persian in the house,too. And what a good choice it was!
    Thank you for all these wonderful years full of cats and useful advices,I hope 2011 will be as good as the years before(hopefully with Sequoia’s litter!)

  4. And there was I thinking you’d painted their likenesses onto the mats…

  5. lol @ bobin. it would be just like molly to do that, and in a way that we would not be able to tell that they were painted and not real! i love this pic! look at them to the edge of the table…leaving the entire table to sleep on, but they picked the edge. million dollar question…if you moved the mats to the middle, would they follow? ps my kitties absolutely love to hang out on the table on top of our placemats too. i wonder WHY they pick that as opposed to their beds, our beds, blankets, etc?

  6. yin/yang fluff adorableness

  7. Bobin, you said it before I could — that’s exactly what I was thinking! I’m sure my kids sleep on the table when I’m not home. And Mindy, my cats also seek anything “different,” especially if it’s any article of clothing I’ve laid down on the bed.

    On a side note, my mom (Mickey’s favorite person) has been away in Canada, and while she’s been gone, Mickey has been sooooooo sweet! He’s been sitting on my lap three times a day, looking up at me in adoration the way he hasn’t done since the ride home from Molly’s. Now I know what my mom must feel like, having Mickey’s complete and total love! He’s such a little lovebug! (When he’s not running, jumping, and “helping,” that is!)

    • Oh, Jill, Phoebe & Zoey absolutely LOVE clothes!!!! Right now, while I am still in my condo, they get the benefit of my sloppiness and get to enjoy my dirty laundry on the floor. I’m sure they will miss it terribly when I move to my parents’ in 2 months and I resume use of a laundry basket! I have definitely learned, though, to NEVER set clean clothes down on my bed or on the corner of my dresser as they WILL be slept on by P &/or Z in all their long-haired glory. Actually I have a picture of Phoebe on my Facebook looking very comfortable on my clean clothes! 😀

  8. Veronica (Chewy)

    They are both very precious and comical at the same time! Notice how GR (Wooly Beast) takes up 1.5 squares of the table while KF takes up about only 1.

  9. Is it like a See-Saw…….if one gets up, the other goes flying ?

  10. LittlePrincessMom

    I Love it. So adorable.

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