Sequoia this morning

I thought I’d better get a jump on this year’s stats! 😀

Congratulations go to Nugget for receiving the most comments of any post last year.  She owes it all to her fan club and wants to thank you all.  However, she is keeping a low profile today as word travels through the ranks.  Not everyone is likely to take kindly to her high profile public image.


7 responses to “Sequoia this morning

  1. Yes Sequoia… we know you are VERY cute, too…

  2. Looks as if she is saying…’What are you all looking at’ LOL !!! she is adorable. Lovely pics as always.

  3. She looks like a little soft horned owl. Her little face is precious!

  4. She just gets cuter and cuter every time you take her picture 🙂

  5. Sequoia is adorable, as usual and Nugget deserves all of her accolades! 😀

  6. Well done Nugget, your fans are delighted.

    I love the way Sequoia is leaning nonchalantly out of the basket. 😀

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