Here’s my excuse …

Okay, I don’t need an excuse, but “we” all know that the kitty blog has been languishing unattended for the past week or so.  Since it’s the holiday season I’m sure all of you have been way too busy to notice.

I woke up this morning with the realization that IT’S NEWSLETTER TIME ALREADY — AGAIN!!  And not only that, it’s nearly the beginning of a new year.  Fortunately I’ve been processing the photos for the newsletter as the came in… and we have some CUTE ones!!  Nothing cuter than Persian cats and kittens helping their families around Christmas time.  So, I’ll try to get the newsletter together and out.

This is also the time of year that I can begin — I emphasis the word *begin* so I don’t want a lot of questions — to think about kittens.  Neither of the queens (Sequoia nor Sahara) have gone into heat yet, but I have seen it in early January, though it could be later.

The kitties are all doing very well.  It took them all several months to calm down from the psycho-queen invasion with this year’s kittens just in time for the arrival of next year’s.  Perhaps if luck is with me and I can be more disciplined about keeping the queen(s) confined and away from the others, 2011 will be a much calmer year for us.

So, that’s the news on that front.  My attention has been diverted from this blog for the past week or so due to setting up yet another blog… Of course that’s just what I need … ANOTHER BLOG!    Bobin can tell you how time consuming it can be to tweak a blog until you get it set up the way you want it… and that’s before you even start tending it!  This new blog was my sister’s idea and is so that she and I can “play” with each other across the country and also so she can interact with people on the internet.  I know!  There’s Facebook, but the blog venue was more attractive to her and what she wanted to do.  We shall see.  Like all blogs, one never knows if they will flourish or languish.  But here it is (link is also to the right):

On the subject of blogs — can you believe that I resurrected this blog exactly a year ago seriously wondering if I would keep up with it.  WOW!  I can’t believe how well it’s done.  Thank you all for your encouragement.  Oh, and for putting up with my rants 😀


12 responses to “Here’s my excuse …

  1. Thanks for the heads up Molly!!! I LOVE the picture of you and your little sis 🙂 I’m a subscriber!!

  2. EVEN BEFORE I read this post here, I had put up a post on mine extolling the virtues of your new ‘worst Advice’ blog.

    I might even cross link to it – if I can find out how… but I’m doing my best to go gradually into the ‘blog-tweaking’ arena…

    This blog of yours, Molly has been SO enjoyable for myself (and others) to read.

    Not just about the kitties (though it’s always so interesting to hear about their doings away from the webcam or the youtube cam) , and about the kitti-almuni. We are endlessly fascinated also by the myriad other things which you manage to turn your hand to, and excel, from bathroom redecoration to full scale writing.

    Rants? Well isnt that what a blog is for? One can always ‘forget’ to subscribe to comments for the odd rant which is off-ones personal-radar.

    On behalf of the mythic-blogaudience thanks for this blog Molly – keep it going (if you can), as it enthralls and enlightens us in equal measures.

    ooo Happy New Year everyone, too.

    • Thank you, Bobin!! Thanks for the cross post from your blog … oh, yes, and remember to pace yourself on that tweaking business. I’ve been known to ‘tweak’ an entire day away before I was aware of what I was doing. Fortunately I have the Simba Kahn alarm that goes off around kitty feeding time in the form of said cat tromping back and forth across the keyboard. Impossible to ignore, though I HAVE tried!

  3. I LOVE your rants! Of course I’m almost always 100% in agreement, and could rant a bit on the topic myself!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Congrats Molly !!! on this very interesting Blog of yours….I know I have been very elusive lately, but I never miss your Blogs…..always watch the videos …..even though your going to bed and I am just getting up..:D…..your kitties are just wonderful to watch. I am sure in the not too distant future we will have more of the same……Koi Koi’s, and Sahara’s ….kittens to watch as they mature.. Happy New Year to you and your family.:D

  5. Everything Bobin said above. And I, too, loved the photo of you and Nevada — you look AWESOME in that picture!

  6. I am in agreement with everyone else, that your blog is very enjoyable and I am so glad you kept it up! The rants are my favorite entries too!

    As for your other blog, I’ve already told you how wonderful I think it is, and I’m already a subscriber that to one as well 🙂

  7. Veronica (Chewy)

    Molly, I too have looked forward to reading your blog about everything from the kitties, bathroom renovations, stud pants, to your artwork. I very much enjoy your writing style. You’re quite entertaining believe it or not. Have fun writing your new blog with your sister 😀

  8. Molly, I will read whatever you write! 🙂

  9. Molly, thanks for all the blogs, I always enjoy reading them and the same goes for your new one too.

    It’s come to that time of year when once again I want to take the opportunity to say thank you, and thank you again for allowing us into the ‘world’ of Mythicbells. I’m sure you don’t need reminding of how much pleasure it brings to so many people to be able to share the daily lives with you and your kitties. It has certainly been quite hectic for you at times especially with the arrival of those ‘magnificent seven’.
    So 2011 is nearly here and if it brings kittens, that would be lovely, but if not, I shall always enjoy my visits to Mythicbells to watch the videos or kittycam or read your blogs, whether it’s the kitty grooming sessions or re fitting the bathroom, I’m always keen to know the latest.

    To Molly, Nugget, Tiny Bear, Gypsy Rose, Simba Kahn, Sahara, Sirocco, Kalahari Falcon and Sequoia and to all your many kitty loving followers.


    P. S Only one more sleep and I can put my calendar up!

    • Grizabella said it all, Molly! Thank you so much for all that you do! You and your kitties brighten so many lives! Happy New Year to you, Nugget, Tiny Bear, Gypsy Rose, Simba Kahn, Sahara, Sirocco, Kalahari, and Sequoia! 😀


  10. Grizabella has said it all and better than I could. Thanks for another wonderful year of kittens, blogs, and rants. You have enriched our lives and we look forward to a wonderful 2011 with you and your furry family. Happy New Years Molly.

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