Yes, Koi Koi, it does snow in the U.K.

I sure don’t miss the snow, but I have been patrolling my cat fence and netting thinking I should do something about those wet leaves, getting wetter by the day from our recent stormy weather.  Then I read this post from a Maine Coon breeder in Great Britain: Apparently the Brits who visit this blog have not been exaggerating about the snow!


14 responses to “Yes, Koi Koi, it does snow in the U.K.

  1. Molly

    You should know by now that we Brits NEVER exaggerate ANYTHING … How could the thought even cross your mind?

    As it happens, the snow is very variable across the UK, both in timing and depth.
    Maggie has had 6″ or more, as have friends in Scotland.
    We (in my bit of the East ) have had barely an inch or two) – but that is in the town – in the country it can (and is) a lot worse esp on the roads.

    Thanks for putting new laser-cotton-reel on show on cam.
    Sooner or later someone is going to find it the ideal perch to roost on…


    • Here, in CT, we really haven’t had much snow at all, considering it’s almost New Years! We’ve had a few dustings then a few inches last week. I hope our winter continues this way, but we still have plenty of time to get pounded.

  2. Six inches of snow here in Minnesota, USA, is often referred to as a ‘nuisance’ snowfall. We don’t get really impressed till we get a foot or more. Then we just break out the snowmobiles, cross country skis, sled dogs, and 4-wheel drive vehicles and continue on with life. 🙂

    Seriously, from what I’ve seen of the news reports, Europe is being hit hard and I feel for you people over there. It’s rough when you’re not used to it and your road maintenance people don’t have the equipment to cope with it all. Hope everyone stays safe and you’re able to get the trains and planes unsnarled soon.

  3. The eastern shore of Virginia had a bit of snow and of course below freezing temperatures. They don’t have the equipment or manpower to cope with even that. My grandchildren already missed two days of school last week. Last year they did not have a spring break … they used the days to make up for the snow days taken. It will be interesting to see what happens in 2011.

  4. I finally made it to the shops yesterday – but I did not drive, :(.. Heathrow airport has not coped neither have our trains, but then we are not used to such severe weather, more money has to be put into coping with the onset of this weather perhaps in the future – but who knows – we may have O c temperatures today that would be something, instead of minus for days. It is not so much the depth of snow it is the ice and freezing temperatures that goes on for days. More snow expected here over the next few days. ‘Merry Christmas’ everyone. 😀

  5. Yes Molly, I feel we’ve had more than our fair share of snow over the past 2 winters here in the UK. Considering I live so near to London, it still seems to cause havoc here and is going to spoil my Christmas I fear. Maybe I should invest in a snowmobile in the future, and what better excuse to get some dogs for sledding too. Lol!

    Apparently, it’s all due to the way the jet stream is sitting at the moment, which is probably the reason for your stormy weather too.

    In case you didn’t know, today happens to be the first day of winter (winter solstice)…….. Ah well (big sigh), three months and counting.

  6. I know fractions of inches of snow can shut down some areas in the US, too. The worst possible weather IMO is when the temp hovers right around freezing. Ice is far harder to cope with than snow and can cause more damage and misery in the form of power outages.

  7. WOW! First day of winter and travelers from all over the world are delayed due to snow in the U.K. (Heathrow airport issues) … 😀

  8. We’ve already been having winter for at least a month. It’s so winter here, we’re already able to walk on water. 😀 We don’t pay much attention to the mythical calendar winter.

    • Actually we don’t here in California either, but for the opposite reason. Just as Dec. 21 rolls around, I start thinking about spring. My Camellias are already blooming … lol… I know they do bloom early — or is it considered late? I also have a very confused rose bush that has put out a few blooms, but I’m sure it’s having an identity crisis of some kind.

    • True, the calendar months can be very un seasonal in the UK too. November is supposed to be an autumn month, but I always think of it as winter and we’ve had snow in June before now. In fact, thinking about it, it can be just one long winter! Lol.

  9. No identity crisis here. All the plants are dormant, of course. Seems odd to think of outdoor plants blooming now. Then again, it’s odd here when the wild strawberries are blooming sometimes as early as March or as late as November.

  10. It’s plenty cold here in CT (mid-30’s F during the day and mid-20’s at night with windchills making it feel colder), but we have been lucky with snow. A huge storm passed us Monday and buried Cape Cod, MA under a foot+! We might get flurries later today and snow showers tomorrow…

  11. Mid-thirties is a warm winter day here. We keep hoping it’s going to warm up into the thirties as our garage is unheated and we have to do some carpentry out there over Christmas and New Year’s, but we’ll be grateful if it’s even above zero. Daytime highs below zero aren’t really unusual here especially in January and February. I have a friend in Bridgewater, MA, whose kids keep hoping for snow, so the storm you mentioned must have passed them up.

    It sounds like California is going to get hit pretty hard in addition to the bad weather that’s already hit there. Stay safe, Molly.

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