Everything must pass kitty inspection …

Sequoia checks out the plant a friend dropped by today as a gift.  Yes, it’s still in one piece.


24 responses to “Everything must pass kitty inspection …

  1. So far…. Wait until tonight when you are sleeping; kitties will no doubt further inspect it then. Tomorrow morning it might not look quite so good!

  2. Lovely Sequoia, lovely orchid plant! 😀

  3. Beautiful orchids!!! And Sequoia has to make sure it is safe for you Molly 😀

  4. hmmm… I wonder whether your definition of ‘safe place’ is same as that of the kittyfamily!

    I bet KF is looking at it even now and wondering ‘oooo a challenge’!


  5. ‘I must investigate every leaf and flower thoroughly…… I’m a cat, that’s what I do’. Says Sequoia.

    ….. and doesn’t she do it so beautifully! 😀

  6. Gorgeous, both kitties and flowers.

    Do you grow cat grass for them, Molly? Ours love it.

    • Too true. Realistically speaking, there are NO cat-safe places in this house. The orchids did survive the night, but I’m not sure where I’ll move them today. They do well in cool weather according to the directions that came with it, but I’m thinking it might be a bit too cold outside? Not sure. Rae, I did have a pot of grass most of the time in the house for the cats. I tried growing it myself but that was a hassle and you can buy them at the grocery store in the produce dept. also at the pet store (but more expensive), but then I realized this was pretty foolish when they can just go out in the enclosure and chew on grass out there. I don’t have a lawn, but there are clumps of grass.

      • Is the grass outside the same thing as the cat grass? I’ve never bought any for Phoebe & Zoey, but I’ve always wondered what it was in comparison to regular grass.

        The orchids are beautiful…

  7. I have a black thumb so I was surprised to learn I can grow cat grass! LOL. The pet store seed is really expensive. I buy organic wheat berries at a food co-op and grow those. Same thing but since it’s not labeled for pets, lots cheaper. Which reminds me I should start some up again. Our cats love to just destroy it.

    • Do you mean that the pets stores in Minnesota don’t carry small tubs of grass already grown? LOL. They do here in Calif… and you can buy them in the grocery store too — already grown. The grass is a couple of inches tall. I only remember my one attempt at growing grass and it got infested with some kind of little fly thing. So I just bought a fresh one weekly when I went to the grocery store.

      • No, I’ve never seen it already growing here, but we live in a VERY small town at the end of the road in the wilderness and don’t get out much. LOL. We have a flower and seed store that sells some pet supplies, but the nearest real pet store is seventy miles away, with the nearest big chain pet store 110 miles. I’ve seen and even bought the little cat grass kits that have a little tub of dirt and a few seeds for some exorbitant price. I wonder what kind of grass the ones in your stores are growing. What I grow for our cats is annual grains, oats, wheat, rye, whatever I can get, so it grows really fast but doesn’t last very long. Which in our household doesn’t matter since it’ll be destroyed before it has a chance to die anyway.

      • Is it ok for cats to have the types of wheat, oats, and rye that you grow? I thought they were allergic…

    • I don’t think the outdoor grass in your lawn is the same as the cat grass seed sold in the little kits. The outdoor grass is a perennial, and the cat grass seeds are, I think, annual grasses the same as the annual grain crops farmers grow such as wheat, rye, oats, etc. I usually grow wheat or oats because it’s easiest for me to get and extremely easy to grow, and it grows VERY quickly. I like buying whole wheat berries at a food co-op because I can get exactly whatever amount I want and because I know, since it’s rated for human consumption, it has not been treated with anything like seed grains might be.

      I’ve never heard that cats in general might be allergic to wheat or oats, although I’m sure some are just like people. Our cats love the grain grasses and haven’t shown any ill effects over years of eating them. Besides, in looking at the cat grass in the little kits I could see I was paying $5 for a few oat seeds and other grains plus a little dirt and that struck me as insane, so I quit doing that. With five cats, the little tubs just don’t cut it anyway.d

      If you’re interested in growing your own, just pick up some wheat berries at a food co-op and sprinkle them on some dirt in a pot, then cover with more dirt about 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep. Water and set in a sunny window. You’ll be shocked how fast it grows! Keep it away from your kitties till it’s well-established. In about a week you should be able to give it to them and let them destroy it. I grew some as a thank-you for one of our vets last year and he and his kitties were delighted.

      • You can also grow catnip. Some cats go crazy over fresh catnip. Ours don’t care about it till it’s dried. It’s harder to grow than the grain grasses and I haven’t had a lot of luck with it, but as I said I have a black thumb. I won’t grow it outside because we have cougars here and I’m not going to take the slightest chance of attracting them, but it should grow well outside like any other herb. It can also be grown in an Aerogarden.

      • I haven’t grown catnip, but I have purchased it and put a pot inside the house and also tried planting it in the enclosure. The cats maul it to shreds usually the first day it’s out. If it’s in a pot in the house of course that means tipped over pot and potting soil every where.

      • I think you’d have to fence the catnip off outside and let it get to be a big bush before giving them access. I guess it can really get huge. Or put it behind a fence that lets just the shoots come through while the main part of the plant stays protected so the kitties can maul the shoots but not kill the plant. Works for us with apple trees and deer, anyway! 🙂 They don’t have to eat it to get loopy, do they? Just the smell of it would probably give them a good buzz.

        With all this discussion, I finally remembered to start a couple of pots of cat grass, so our kitties will be ecstatic this time next week. Maybe I’ll try some catnip again, too. Nothing to lose.

        Mindy, I double-checked online and the types of grass I mentioned are also listed in ingredients for some of the listings of the cat grass kits for sale online. The main thing is to make sure any seeds you use are not treated with fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or anything else. The dirt should not contain fertilizers either.

      • Thanks so much for all the info, Rae! :o)

  8. Oh sure, she’s just scoping it out for later.

  9. Well, okay, I started some catnip in an Aerogarden, so we’ll see what happens. It’ll probably burn up since I put it in a garden with tomato nutrients, but we’ll see. I’m not having good luck with my AGs this year.

  10. Here’s the report: After six days, the cat grass is about four inches high and growing like a– er, well, you know. I had started it by letting it leach light from a couple of Aerogardens I have other plants in, but the sun came out yesterday morning so I put the pots in a south window. The cat grass has been getting lots of sun the past two days and has really taken off. I’d say it’s growing about an inch per day right now. I set the pots back by the Aerogardens when the sun goes down about four PM so they’re getting the benefit of extra light.

    I had started it without covering it, but it kept drying out too fast so the second day I draped some plastic wrap over the pots and that helped a lot.

    The mix I used has oats and wheat in it, I think.

    I’m surprised our maniacs haven’t trashed it yet. I keep moving it around in hopes they won’t notice it till it’s a little taller.

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