Simba Kahn’s Relatives living with Lisa

Fan page vs Personal page on Facebook

Yes! Lisa posted pictures of Rudy and Ruby who are half brother and sister to Simba Kahn. Simba Kahn came from the Siberianesk regions of Minnesota where Lisa lives with hubby and FOUR Persians. The two mentioned were adopted from the same breeder Simba Kahn came from. In fact Lisa got to see SK before I even knew he existed and she held him as a kitten.

For those of you tuning in late, someone asked to see photos of Lisa’s kitties and she kindly posted them on the Mythicbells Facebook *Fan* page. This is a different page than my *personal* page. The link to the Fan page is the Facebook link over to the right and also the link on the Mythicbells website.   If you aren’t already and want to be “friends” on my *personal* page you can find me at  Sadly, I’m not too clear on how this all works, but I believe that anyone can view a fan page, but only friends can view a personal page. I don’t know if you need to have a Facebook account or not to post pictures on a Fan page or view them. Let me know.

I did promise to show you the portraits I did of Lisa’s kitties. They were commission by the breeder of Simba Kahn, Rudy, and Ruby as gifts for Lisa since they’d become very good friends.

The first one was commissioned before Lisa adopted Ruby.   They are 8″x10″ oils – composites done from photos the breeder mailed to me.

Rudy (shaded golden), Nick (silver), Lily (Himalayan)

Ruby (shaded golden)


13 responses to “Simba Kahn’s Relatives living with Lisa

  1. O-M-G Molly!!!!! These paintings are amazing!!! Thanks for posting :o)

  2. Ditto what Jennifer said! Simply amazing! Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Very, very nice paintings! You are soooooo talented, Molly!

  4. Siberianesk?! Oh, wait…

    Never mind. 🙂

  5. Molly, those paintings are sooooo beautiful. The detail is amazing. I agree with Jill, you are very talented. Is there anything you CAN’T do?

  6. Veronica (Chewy)

    Very beautiful portraits!! You are a Jack of all trades. 😀

  7. Beatiful b paintings, Molly, whicapture theessence of the kitties. TY. Bobin

  8. Great paintings Molly !!

  9. Beautiful paintings Molly! As the others have said, there really is no end to your talents!

  10. Like everyone else has said… amazing paintings and amazing talent on your part! Of course with such gorgeous subjects ……!!

  11. you guys – you are soo right. the level of detail IS amazing. i was in shock myself and i see my kitties every day. Rudy has a little black dot in the middle of his nose and Molly included that in the painting!! i love that black dot!! she also captured the puuuuuuuuursonality of Lily (seal point). she always LOOKS crabby but she is very sweet. she has that look on her face like “seriously?” all the time. i also agree that i haven’t YET found something molly can’t do!

    • Lily must have been sending me vibes because in the photo due to her black face … she had NO face. The only detail the was visible was her eyes … I just had to make it up. Maybe she does channeling??

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