No such thing as a Yeti Cat?

What is wrong with this statement:

“All you did was put Persian cats in trees,  fluff up their hair and made them pose … There is no such thing as a Yeti cat.”

Yeti Cat in winter camouflage

Sorry, but the above response to one of my Yeti Cat posts made me laugh.  I had visions of “stuffing” Gypsy Rose in trees, “fluffing” her up, and “making” her pose.  Hilarious concept.

Yeti Cat Stuffed in Tree

But on a more serious note – news on the Mythicbells front.

Nugget recently had a set back in her battle with her nervous disorder.  Progress was good until this past Monday when Molly brought Sirocco home reeking of vet odors, set the carrier down in the entry, mis-managed disarming the home alarm and accidentally set it off.  Cats flew out of the nursery where the alarm is the loudest while Molly feverishly punched buttons in a futile attempt to turn the damn thing off.  Order was eventually restored, but Nugget is back in therapy.  Now, two days later, she seems a little more relaxed.

Yes, Sirocco had her teeth cleaned this week.  She is the third cat to have this done in 2010.  Nugget was first at 6 years of age which turned out to be a routine dental, no extractions or surprises.  Sahara, at 3 years of age followed.  I knew her teeth were not looking great from her last vet visit, but was dismayed to learn that she suffers from the dreaded feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORL), had to have several teeth extracted and that her canine teeth are also affected.  The lesions on the canines are small, so we will wait until they seem to bother her.  With Sahara’s situation on my mind, I decided to have Sirocco done as well since her teeth also showed a lot of tartar at last year’s check-up.  Fortunately her dental turned out to be routine.  I still don’t know where I stand on dental procedures for cats.  For my cats I’ve arbitrarily decided to do them at about 3 year intervals unless the vet feels strongly it needs to be done sooner or that it’s not necessary.  For example, Simba Kahn’s teeth at 3 years old were doing fine, so he did not get them cleaned.  This is outrageously expensive which doesn’t make me particularly happy about the huge push for it.  I managed to keep a straight face when the vet technician gave me a little toothbrush and carefully went over with me how and when to brush Sirocco’s teeth.

The past week or two have been fairly wet here in California.  I can’t complain after hearing the weather reports from other parts of the country, however the cats — especially Sahara and Kalahari — have been failing the slug and worm scans after coming in from the enclosure!  This is deplorable, and security is now at code red.

Someone emailed me and said that she noticed in my YouTube videos that I was “frantically” grooming.  She’s right!  I’m pleased to report that I’m “almost” on top of it.  Sahara has been the worst to work with.  Nearly all of the kitties now have butt trims and mane trims.  Sahara has her tummy shaved.  I don’t remember this much fluff last year?

The stud pants adventure continues.  JAFO (Nanc) was hoping for a nice little holiday, but every time she puts her materials away another order comes in.  “We” are addressing some interesting issues that range from the standard breeding stud spraying to disabled kitties, neutered kitties with bad habits, to tiny Singapura cats whose care taker wanted a custom pant narrow enough between the legs not to chafe.   My problems are minuscule in comparison.  As a result I’ve been seen both online and in the isles of Target and the local super market scoping out various incontinence pads, paper and pen in hand, taking notes.

And lastly, Sequoia has been entertaining the Kitty Cammers and the YouTubers with her Punkin Head Show.  (Don’t blame me for the moniker, ‘Punkin Head’ – this, from one of her many fans, and now we are stuck with it.)  If you haven’t seen her show, it’s worth checking out.  She refuses to keep to a schedule, so YouTube is probably your best bet.

No kittens on the horizon, but the days haven’t started getting longer yet, so stay tuned …


10 responses to “No such thing as a Yeti Cat?

  1. I saw the comment you referenced above about there being no such thing as a Yeti cat and I, too, laughed. The vision of you fluffing everyone, positioning them just so in the trees, and telling them not to move while you get your perfect shots is just hysterical! : )

    I’m sorry Nugget had a setback. Hopefully now that the drama of that day is over, she will bounce back quickly.

    I’m curious if your opinion about the raw diet being the best thing for a cat’s teeth still stands or has been challenged a bit. Is it possible that pregnancy adversely affects a cat’s teeth?

    • I don’t know that pregnancy is an issue with the teeth in cats. I’ve never seen it referenced as such, in any case. As far as the raw diet and teeth… it’s unproven, but claimed that chewing raw bones and chunks of gristle/muscle meat is what keeps a cat’s teeth and gums healthy. I do believe this with the reservation that genetics will play a roll in that some cats will be more prone to problems than others. I would love to get ALL of my cats to chewing on more bone and chunks of meat. I do give them the hearts and gizzards you can buy at the grocery store, but still haven’t gotten them on bones yet. Cats that are not used to chewing on bones may not take to it. Chicken necks are ideal and I would do that if I could get them. You can cut them up to smaller pieces more easily.

      • Are there any butcher shops in your area? You’d be able to get chicken necks there. If you have a kosher grocery store near you (I’m not sure if you live in an area that has a large enough Jewish population), you could check there for chicken necks. Chicken from a kosher butcher will be a bit saltier from the koshering process.

  2. Veronica (Chewy)

    Thanks Molly for posting an update on the kitties. I enjoyed reading your post. I hope Nugget gets back on track very soon. She’s such a sweetie. It was funny to hear about your inspecting each cat as they come in through the door for the slimy creatures… Maybe some day you’ll finally cave in and let them have their own pets….LOL

  3. Thanks Molly for such a thorough and wide ranging update.

    I was outraged at the criticism of your Yeticats… A new species isn’t discovered EVERY day…. far less photogrphed in their natural habitat. Is Mythicbells not a typo for MythicBelles?

    And I’m sure that both SK and KF would wish to be associated with the sentiment and be seen around in their ‘best plumage’?

    Thanks for the youtube of Seq – she is such a star… and she and KF are delightful together.

    I see a market opportunity for a Slugscanner device to detect unwanted newcomers to the My-stickBells Community.

    My suggestion is that an oldfashioned combs and wirebrushes around the edges of the catflap should work, and you could develop a market here.

    Obviously kitputerised scanners are currently too expensive for the likely traffic flow even at your house…



    As for Nugget I hope she gets back on course – arams are very… err… er.. alarming at the best of times especially if you are trying to turn them off!

    • Yayyy Bobin! We can always depend on you to understand the stickier side of CATastrophes. As for the discovery of a new species — yes, this is a most momentous occasion and, though such discoveries do not happen EVERY day, they do happen. Just take the Google for example. A few years ago if you’d told me there were Googles, I would have laughed outright in your face, or a Bing! The list goes on …

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Nugget’s misadventures with the alarm — combined with the strange smell of Sirocco coming home, I’m sure the sudden fright didn’t do her any good. Hopefully she’s feeling more herself now.

    So Sahara is prone to dental problems? Boo! But good to know, since I will have to remember to stay on top of this with Mickeypoo, since I do think genetics plays a huge part in this. As for brushing a cat’s teeth: clearly these vets have never attempted to do such a thing, or else they’d realize what a ridiculous thing they are requesting!

    P.S. — I bet the tiny Singapura cats are adorable in their teeny tiny stud pants and princess panties!

  5. Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the news once again Molly. I think the yeti cat doubters amongst us are quite wrong. You might as well say there’s no such thing as Santa Claus!
    Sorry to hear about Nugget, but glad she is calming down now that all is peaceful again at Chez Mythicbells. Tell her that her adoring fans are thinking of her and give her a big kiss from all of us. 😀

  6. Hello all!
    As far as the crunchy food vs. teeth thing goes, our Missy had crunchy dry food for the first six years of her life and still had some tooth troubles (even with regular cleaning. I now feel that Missy and our little Molly are far better off with the wet food. And as far as the Yeti thing goes, we are all part of the Mythicbells family, aren’t we? If we want them to be Yeti’s, then so be it. Just my thoughts.

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