Yeti Cat appearance of old …

Now that we know the Yeti Cat is, in truth, NOT a mythical beast, research has begun anew with renewed fervor.  We were most interested to learn that the general appearance of the Yeti Cat has changed considerably since they came down out of the Yeti Trees and began allowing humans to groom their coifs.  The rare moment sometimes presents its self and the careful observer can catch a glimpse of the Yeti Cat in his or her natural state.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to capture the ancient Yeti Cat *look* in a sketch.  We would like to thank Mythicbells Yeti Cat Buttercup for her help in making this possible.

Buttercup (3 yrs old), Yeti Cat from the "B" litter now living with her older sister Honey Bear:


11 responses to “Yeti Cat appearance of old …

  1. Buttercup is an adorable Yeti Cat!

  2. What a beautiful Kittie !! 😀

  3. Bigfoot, ET, and now this. I’ll never be able to sleep at night…

  4. I did think the Yeti cats were cool, now I know it ! ;D

  5. OOOO yes… Buttercup has captured the look precisely. Well done. Bobin

  6. Good job on the illustration!

    • Finally, someone noticed the sketch! I know I shouldn’t have put up the photo — everything pales in comparison to a cute kitty pic.

      • I’m sorry, Molly, you’re right! I truly did spend time looking at your amazing sketch, but it’s so hard to resist commenting on a gorgeous cat! The fact that we all find Buttercup so mesmerizing is a huge complement to you, Tiny Bear, and Simba Kahn!

  7. Molly – your sketch is fantastic! It is extremely challenging to capture fur (and that expression), and you did an incredible job! Encore….

    • Thank you HBBC Mom! I didn’t do her justice. Her ultimate cuteness probably can’t be fully captured. I haven’t sketched in so long that it was fun to be inspired.

  8. Both the sketch and the ‘original’ Buttercup are true works of art and you should feel very proud Molly.

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