Father & Son

Kalahari (1 1/2 yr. old)















Simba Kahn (4 1/2 yr old)


24 responses to “Father & Son

  1. Both are just gorgeous!!! Great pictures 🙂

  2. ok molly, i have decided that i must have both of them. well..while you’re at it, i’ll take nug too. so just let me know when they will arrive at the MSP airport so that i can pick them up 😀

    • Lisa, you didn’t read the fine print. The rule is that you have to pick them up personally. And why not? I saw what the weather is like in Minnesota today !!! How do you guys do that? What is all that white stuff?

  3. I love them both …. always have…Kalahari I knew would mature into a handsome kittie ….as for SK, well – he is just magnificent. 😀

  4. AH YES! the fine print. i forgot about that – i was aware, but it slipped my mind! i would LOVE to get out of this state but it is not looking favorable for travel today at all. i believe we have received over 1 foot of snow and it is still coming down!

  5. Lisa…
    The UK snow (in Northern England and Scotland) has mostly gone now from roads, just some in gadens and fields…

  6. were are the gadens? 😀

  7. ‘Where’…. omg !!! it is catching. lol

  8. It’s no wonder SK’s babies are so stunning!


  9. No snow today up here on the Range, Lisa! 😛 (Yet.) The only blizzard we saw was at Dairy Queen.

    Pretty kitties, as always, Molly.

  10. I will drive down and pick them up in person — just don’t tell Opossum he’s getting a new “brother!”

  11. ray, we are getting POUNDED here in the midwest! i say bring it on. i’m hanging out with my kitties (two of which are half sibs to SK) and just watching it snow. i don’t mind when i don’t have to drive in it!!!
    jill – are you trying to steal the boys from under me?!?!? 😀

    • Lisa…can you send Molly a picture so we can see Simba Kahn’s siblings? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would LOVE to see them!

      • Or Lisa can post them on her own blog or even Mythicbells fan page to share with everyone 😀 … sorry, I have more than enough photos to deal with. However, I happen to know that Lisa’s kitties are beauties.

      • I understand, Molly…I didn’t think (damn meds) past “I want…”

        Lisa…can you please post a link to your blog? I would love to read it… : )

      • LOL – well I don’t think Lisa has a blog, though maybe she should. However I’ve actually painted Lisa’s kitties. I’ll post photos of the paintings this morning if I don’t get too distracted with something else.

  12. Kalahari has matured into the most magnificent cat! He is just so absolutely beautiful…moreso with each new picture you take! I also really love Simba Kahn’s adorable face! I would also adopt them both without blinking an eye…lol! (With so many admirers, you’re gonna have to start keeping careful watch over your cats, Molly! LOL!)

  13. ok i posted three pics on the MB facebook page – hopefully you guys can see them!

  14. I really didn’t think that Kalahari could get any more beautiful, he is just so gorgeous and his father is too of course, that goes without saying.

    lisa… now I know where to send our snow next time we get ‘dumped on’, you obviously appreciate it, glad someone does, lol! O.k, off to MB facebook now to see those kitties of yours. 😀

  15. Lisa: Why yes, I am always trying to steal SK and KF! How could I not? And I went to see the pictures you said you posted, but I couldn’t find them. Soooooo disappointed!

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