Sequoia’s turn

Now that everyone can easily get up to the shelf, it’s been occupado all afternoon:

10 responses to “Sequoia’s turn

  1. No matter what plans you make or how you arrange things, they’ll use whatever you do in some way different than how you intended. Cute how they become a feline bridge between the shelf and the scratchy post.

  2. What a sweet explosion of fluff!!! It’s so difficult to not be holding that sweet baby.


  3. Sequoia has quite the ‘don’t mess with me’ expression on her face! Too cute!

  4. LOL!!! Mindy she sure does have that look about her 😀 She is beautiful though.

  5. Brilliant photo, thanks. Bobin

  6. What a clever, beautiful girl!! Looks like she is on guard 😀

  7. She looks like she is saying, “Don’t mess with me!!!”

  8. Yes, I think she’s saying, ‘ It’s My turn up here now so, the rest of you can just keep away!’

  9. Yes it’s her turn now. It’s wonderful how every cat has its own way to conquer what’s new. And every way seems the cutest, I wonder why!

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