The constant goal of reducing Nugget’s stress continues.  Of course knowing what stresses out a cat is a guessing game at best.  Also,I suspect that much like ourselves, they often suffer from ambient anxiety that has no tangible source.  In any case, I have one tent downstairs which is inhabited by Simba Kahn much of the time.  I noticed that Nugget was taking an interest in it when he wasn’t there.  Well, one tent and two cats wasn’t going to work, so I brought in the pagota tent given to the kittens this summer and put it in the bedroom.  After a great deal of sniffing and a thorough investigation, Nugget moved in for the night.


10 responses to “Nugget

  1. Awwww…a purrfect fit!!

  2. she’s working her way up to backpacking! the tent is the first step.

  3. Well done Molly and well done Nugget. Even SK cant be so in-tent as to be in two at once!

    I see theres JUST room for some of your fan club in there too, so I am getting my booking in before its a ‘sell out’.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww♥

  5. she looks relaxed and fine. This tens seems the perfect solution for her.
    Happy Nuggett make us fans happy too!! 😀

  6. So sweet! Hope she’s happier…

  7. She looks content.

    It seems like having a multi-cat household means constantly moving stuff around to get the right locations, which then immediately change. And paying attention to the details like a cat showing interest in a particular item. Lucky for Nugget you’re paying attention!

  8. Precious Nugget!

  9. Aww…Nugget looks so sweet and content! Like Rae said, Nugget is lucky to have you as a mommy since you know her so well and pay attention to what she wants/likes!

  10. Bless her, she certainly looks ‘at home’ in there.

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