New scratching board installed…

Sahara shows off the scratching board.  This board was in the this spot before and I found that it being in a well traveled thoroughfare was a great place for it as the cats will often stop on their way past for a good ripping session.

12 responses to “New scratching board installed…

  1. The beautiful kitty with her beautiful, well-groomed fur coat 😀 Looks like the perfect spot (BTW Molly, I LOVE the purpose!!)

  2. Ooops! Meant “purple”…;]

  3. LOL! I was scratching my head at the word “purpose” …. glad you clarified 😀

  4. haha typing too fast as usual 😀

  5. You seem to have got the shade of the scratching post a purrfect match for Sahara – at least as it appears in the photo (to me) anyway!

    As an artist I’m also sure you can see 1001 variations in shade where I am lucky to see 1.


  6. Looks good. I’m sure they like it. How is the base attached to the floor?

  7. Rae if you look carefully at the bottom of the board which is showing only about .5 ” below the bottom loop of rope, you’ll see that there is a 1″x2″ cross piece of wood. The scratching board is screwed into the side of the 1″x2″ and the 1″x2″ is then screwed into the base of the banister. The 1″x2″ extends out past the scratching board a couple of inches on each side so you can get a drill and driver into it.

  8. Molly…Your kitties are so lucky to have you! You have turned your whole house into a playroom for them, which I think is awesome! I also LOVE how you use color in your house! We seem to have the same favorite colors, with purple being my absolute favorite! If I could create the perfect house for Phoebe, Zoey, and myself, your house would be it! Do you think I can convince my Mom & Dad to let me transform their house? LOL! I’ll be satisfied with just my cat door in my bedroom door!

  9. Do they share the shelves, or does it become a hissy slap-fest if two of them are together? I always worry about ours because I’ve seen them jump off a loft above a door onto a hard floor to get away from each other. Doesn’t seem like a good thing at all. 😦

    • They haven’t been using this long enough for me to know, but yes, that can and does happen. It’s one of the reasons I put a plexiglass wall on the outer rim of the high shelves over the entry way.

    • I love the way you worded that…’a hissy slap-fest’ describes what cats do perfectly!

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