Early experiments in cat grooming

My sister cleaned her attic today and came across this photo.  As you can see, we began our training as cat wranglers quite young.  This may also be the last time Yours Truly was ever seen in a … um … dress!

Unfortunately the photo is decades old and badly out of focus, but the determination on our faces is priceless.

Molly with her assistant, Nevada, conducting early experiments in Cat Grooming


11 responses to “Early experiments in cat grooming

  1. Kitties and puppies are so incredibly patient with their human counterparts. Priceless!

    I can relate about giving up dresses!

  2. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Priceless indeed, Molly! What a wonderful photo!! 😀

  4. Molly, I haven’t worn a dress since 1992, and my mother hasn’t worn one since c1977…so you are definitely in good company. LOVE the photo. It made me laugh out loud, it’s so cute, and I could relate so very, very much!

  5. What a cute picture! I only wear dresses when I have to…weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, etc. The last time I wore one was last New Year’s Eve because I already owned it after a string of family weddings, but if I had plans this year, I would definitely be wearing pants!

  6. Awwww!!! That is so cute, and I was going to say you have not changed a bit Molly 😀 except for the dress of course – you definately had the idea of grooming kitties at an early age. I also never wear a dress LOL !!!! even though I own a few myself.

  7. I can confirm, if any of you doubted it, that I too havenn’t knowingly worn dress, for the last 60 years…

    Probably haven’t cleaned the attic in a similar period, although 3 years ago was forced to have a major clearout-and-shred (18 bags of shreddings) when I ‘semi-retired’ and thus had a load more err… ‘valuable things’ to keep that there wasn’t otherwise room for up there.

    ** Lovely ** picture. Suggest you get it enlarged and posted prominently to your current brood as an ‘awful warning’ of what might happen if they don’t let you groom them properly (GR excepted of course as she seems to accept ndless grooming).

    Molly – do you know the kitties-in-the-picture’s names?

    • Sorry, Bobin, I can’t remember those kittens. We’ve never NOT had a cat. My parents had one name Canoso (sp?) pronounce Kuh-no-so, before I was born. I think it means ‘gray’ in Spanish. He was a domestic short hair and lived nearly 20 years. My first thought looking at that photo was ‘look at that LONG nose on the kitten in my sister’s paws!” lol. But we had a long stream of cats as I was growing up and I remember just a few of them by name.

    • Too funny, Bobin! Trust us…you are not missing anything as far as dresses! I loved them as a child, but once I hit my teenage years, wearing a dress became quite an ordeal with slips, stockings, uncomfortable shoes, different posture, etc!

  8. Molly, What an AWESOME picture! I just LOVE old photos!! Yes, it is amazing what people felt we had to wear back then. When I started high school in the late 60s, girls could not wear pants to school!!! Isn’t that incredible. Thank God we have come a looong way baby 🙂 Thanks so much for posting and if you or your sister come across anymore old photos, please post 😀 Happy Thanksgiving Molly!!!!!!!

  9. I love looking at old photos too. I have just had to have my loft/attic cleared out ready for loft insulation to be installed. Unfortunately, there were no nice interesting pictures like yours hiding up there, just my dad’s old violin and mainly rubbish, a lot of it too. I know what you mean about bags of shreddings Bobin.
    I don’t know about a look of determination on your face, you could well be thinking ‘why have you forced me to wear this dress?’ lol!

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