The Fluff Squad


11 responses to “The Fluff Squad

  1. OMG!! They are so adorable and VERY fluffy 🙂 Great pictures Molly!!

  2. Beautiful…TY Molly…TY GR… TY Seqoia…

  3. Oh my goodness! I love all the fluff! I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a “de-fluffing” video at some point soon…lol!

  4. haha, fluffy balls, I love them all! Austin is becoming fluffy too.
    Btw, Austin is doing great and recovering from the surgery. We took him to the vet at 9am and were told to pick him up after 3pm. Both the doctor and assistants like Austin so much 🙂
    We fed him some canned food at 6pm and he kept begging for more, lol…He weighs 7.8 lbs now and I believe he will become even bigger after being neutered!

  5. Lovely pics Molly, I think all your kitties are competing with one another to see who can be the fluffiest. Gypsy Rose is still streets ahead though.

    Jessie, glad to hear Austin has recovered so well from his surgery, I’m not surprised that they liked him so much at the vets. Who wouldn’t love Austin!!

  6. Wow!! Great pics of them all !!! Totally squishable and lovable.
    Glad Austin is recovering from his surgery; he is such a handsome kitty!! I’ll bet everyone at the office spoiled him!!

  7. Speaking of Vet visits, it’s true when we bring our little Molly to the vet we always have trouble getting her out of there. Everyone in the office wants to see and hold her. I have to wait patiently until everyone has had a turn with her. Molly, I’m sure sure you are very proud of the “fluffy” girls and boys and all the fluffy kittens they’ve produced.

    • Oh, yes, Len! I’m pathetically proud of them all. I simply never tire of hearing about the sensations they cause at their respective veterinarian’s. When I bring a litter in for exam and vaccinations with my vet, it’s all I can do to maintain a decorous demeanor and not preen too much.

    • I’m glad to hear little Molly is doing so well!

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