I installed these kitty shelves a month or so ago.  The vertical upright scratcher/climber that attaches to the railing for them to climb is still in the garage getting painted but it looks like Sahara doesn’t need it.  I found her sitting there, pretty as you please today!  I should have realized that no self respecting cat gives you the satisfaction of actually using a new kitty-thing for at least a few weeks.


11 responses to “Sahara

  1. I should have you come install some of those in my house, LOL! I’m sure they’d be well used (and maybe -not holding my breath – keep them off places they shouldn’t be?).

  2. Smart cookie that Sahara!! She looks pretty pleased with herself too!!

  3. She’s thinking “You put them here, but YOU don’t use them, do you?”


  4. Cutie! Please post a pic when the scratchy/climb-y thing is installed. I’m looking for ideas for a couple more lofts in our house and haven’t quite worked out the access yet. Not that ours are spoiled or anything…

    • Spoiled? lol. Okay, yes, I’ll post it. It was originally a bridge over to the high bookcase I had against that wall. I cut it off and … well,…. I’ll just post a pic.

  5. Oh so true!

  6. And any self respecting cat knows they have be up high so they can look down on YOU! 😀

  7. I wish I could put those up for Phoebe & Zoey when we move but my parents will never allow it! I’m still working on winning my battle to put a cat door in my bedroom door so I can close it, but not trap or block my girls. I WILL win that battle! There is no way I am never closing my door!

    • Either buy a door you can have a cat door put into that can be hung for the duration of your stay and store your parents door in the garage, or promise your parents you will replaced the door when you leave.

      • That’s the crazy thing, Molly! I already told my mom if I am in a place where we have found the right doctor to fix me and I can go back to living my life on my own, I’m sure I will be able to afford to buy her a new door! At times, my mom can be a bit irrational about things…obviously!

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