Fall afternoon photoshoot

13 responses to “Fall afternoon photoshoot

  1. Nice – you caught some really interesting expressions.

  2. Pretty darn cute!

  3. Wow, Molly! You really hit the jackpot today! Each shot is more precious than the last! You captured magnificent expressions from everyone!

  4. Great Photos Molly !! 😀

  5. Absolutely beautiful pictures of abslutely beautiful cats.

    Thanks GR, Kalahari , Molly, Sequoia, Simba Khan, Sirocco [order strictly alphabetical to avoid any squabbles].

    And love to ‘absent felines’ (Nugget, Sahara, Tinybear) also, of course.

  6. They are all so adorable!!! Awesome pictures Molly♥

  7. LittlePrincessMom

    Oh Molly, BEAUTIFUL pictures of all the kitties. Love them all. Keep taking those pictures. Love ya all

  8. The are just soooooooo beautiful in their winter coats. Wonderful pictures Molly.

  9. popponessetbandit

    Kalahari looks like a Cheshire Cat in #3. Happy Boy!!

  10. Stunning shots. You’re making it harder and harder not to drive north. I’d pay to kitty-sit those babies!

    • How much? lol. Maybe we can come to an understanding. Consult with BlueCatEyes first to get the inside scoop on what’s involved, then we’ll talk! 😀

    • At least you can get there by car in a reasonable amount of time! It would take several days for me to drive to Molly’s! LOL!

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