Obviously, I’ve found the perfect location for this unique quilted piece.

You know what they say: “lay it down, and they will come!”


7 responses to “Sirocco

  1. *Round* seems to be a kitty’s preference. Baskets, quilts, sinks…. =D

  2. kitty purrfectly matched to quilted masterpiece… Bobin

  3. LOL! This is what happens when I try to make a quilt!! Using a rotary cutter to cut out fabric strips is very scary around Lily, The Most Curious Cat on Earth. And forget about basting layers together so I can start quilting! They would both be on top of it. Well, I don’t have the floor space for it anyway so have to go elsewhere. And I swear cats can hear you unfold a quilt and come running so they can lie down on it! Sirocco is proving my point that cats have good taste! (Anyone who likes quilts is tops in my mind!)

    • Absolutely agree!!! I think all kitties feel they must “break it in” by laying on it…no matter what stage you are at with making it. Rotary cutting is scary. I will have to physically move them off the cutting table but when I am sewing on the binding by hand, all three of my kitties will be snuggling before I even finish with it 😀 I just LOVE kitties♥

      • I think those of us quilters who have cats have very similar experiences! In spite of their “help”, I wouldn’t want to be without them.

  4. Phoebe & Zoey love to lay on anything new to an area, even just a piece of paper. Sirocco looks so cute with Auntie JAFO’s creations!

  5. I think Sirocco recognises good quality quilted products when she sees them! 😀

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