Nugget report

As many of you know, Nugget is my more nervous kitty.  She’s very sweet, but does not like to be held; affectionate, but doesn’t seek you out, etc.  She’s not quite the scaredy cat that Simba Kahn is when strangers come in the house, but she is a close second.  As the cat population grew, Nugget became a little more nervous and began to have some non litter box compliance issues.  (that’s the nice way to put it)  Fortunately she’s mostly a sink, tub, shower kinda girl.  After the high drama of two psychotic queens and two litters of kittens, Nugget became very withdrawn and was afraid to even come down stairs.  At that point I decided to discuss a medical approach for her with my vet and we settled on Prozac.  She’s been on it for just over three months and I think I’m seeing a lot of improvement.  Part of this may be coincidental in that everyone else has calmed down.  She had two sworn enemies.  Sirocco had take against her for some reason during the pregnancy and they couldn’t even be in the same room together.  Simba Kahn was Nugget’s other nemesis.  Both Sirocco and Nugget are now my sleep mates.  Both are quiet little cats and easy to sleep with and also seem to actively want to spend the night on my side of the bedroom door.  I’m now finding Nugget and Sirocco sleeping next to each other on occasion.  In the photo below you can see that Nugget is, indeed, much more relaxed and is actually sleeping not too far from Simba Kahn who sleeps in the little tent all day.  Nugget just started curling up in the living room baskets this week.  I was so thrilled.  Yesterday she slept in one not too far from Sequoia (also a first!).  She has also been sleeping in the nursery baskets near Sahara’s hangout.   As far as the litter box non compliance?  Huge improvement on this front.  Not 100%, but definitely minimal these days.


11 responses to “Nugget report

  1. Sweet! Nugget for President!

  2. Nice to see our favorite pirate kitty is doing better!

  3. This is great news! It sounds like Nugget is really enjoying life a lot more. I’ll keep my fingers crossed so it stays that way. (=^*^=)

  4. Lots of ((HUGS)) to Nugget – You’re a Hugget to all of us as well…

  5. … (and a Pirrate also)

  6. Oh I am so happy to hear Nugget is doing better. Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Nugget looks so sweet sleeping in the little basket! I’m so glad to hear that she is doing so much better!

  8. So pleased Nugget is coming together – must be so difficult – good luck !!

  9. That is such GREAT news!! It’s so nice to hear that the little love Nugget is enjoying life AND the other kitties so much more than before!! It is amazing how a little less stress in life improves your outlook on everything 🙂 Shiver me timbers!

  10. So nice to hear good news about Nugget. Now that Sirocco won’t be having any more kittens, perhaps their truce will last. 😀

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