Tiny Bear Fluff Report

Is it my imagination or is Tiny Bear’s fluff factor out of control?  With kittens to raise every year, I’ve never seen her in full fluff.  Today I realized that Gypsy Rose may not have gotten all of her fluff factor from her father.

Here is Tiny Bear showing off some presents from Auntie JAFO, who made me two little pillows and that intricate quilted center piece featuring silver and gold kitties on them.  They also happen to be made out of the same material as a very cool vest I commissioned her to make for me earlier this year.


10 responses to “Tiny Bear Fluff Report

  1. You’re right……we’ve never seen her this fluffy………….must say though, she looks gorgeous. Sshe is not yet a threat to GR in the BIG HAIR department. But, she could well end up being a close second……. : )

  2. She is OMGosh Beautiful!!!! 😀

  3. She’s getting ready for an Arctic expedition!

  4. I see we are starting to rate kitties on their fluff factor…

    PS Auntie Jafo’s designs are wonderful… I adore that cushion especially….

  5. TB is just beautiful that is half the reason that your kittens are sooo beautiful.

  6. Beautiful !!!! 😀

  7. Princess Fluff!

  8. Tiny Bear is simply beatiful and marvelously fluffy!! I LOVE the quilting!! Color choice is perfect for TB 🙂

  9. Tiny Bear looks beautifully fluffy! JAFO’s creations are also beautiful! That fabric is perfect!

  10. The next time the sun is out I will have to send you an updated picture of Mickey — he has the Fluff Factor in a big way, too. Lots of ear tufts. He just keeps getting fluffier!

    Tiny Bear is soooooo adorable with her little flat nose! She does look fluffier than usual in this picture.

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