The last bath photos, I promise…

From here on out, any bath photos will be cluttered with kittens, cat litter and other odd things in the course of videos and photos …

Concern has been voiced about the purple splotches on the white bathroom ceiling.  I’m including the photo below to show you that the living room has the same affliction.  Despite concerted efforts at attempts to curb this contagion, it rages on.  I’ll never forget when I had to hire a paint crew to paint the living room due to its high ceilings and the paint boss took one look at that wall and shook his head saying,  “THAT’S going to be tough to paint over.”


26 responses to “The last bath photos, I promise…

  1. Wonderful! I can imagine how good it feels to be finished. I love your photo assistant in the pictures, posing so sweetly to show off the finished product. I do have a question about the purple on the ceiling. It looks like a ceiling after I finish painting a wall. I hope that’s just a decorative touch!

    • LOL… Like I always say, “Purple is very hard to contain.” This actually started with a purple band I attempted to paint in my living room… carefully measured and masked off. On the uneven stucco, though, when you pull off the tape, the edges of your paint job are anything but nice and crisp, so in a fit of pique I said to hell with it, and let the purple splotches, dots and smears go where it felt right with my paint brush. I know! I’ll add a photo of it – lol. Anyway, I did that on purpose on the bathroom ceiling for the same reason.

      • I like! I still have some red paint left (about the same brightness as your purple) – maybe I should have a go at that.

  2. I must say, I am impressed with your work Molly. I never would have had the nerve to even THINK about trying it myself.
    A job well-done !!!!!!! Congratulations !!!!!

  3. It’s gorgeous, Molly!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! It looks soooo amazing!! Love the color of the walls, the grouting, the bubbles, the towels (nice towel ring) , awesome medicine cabinet (and, of course, the kitty on top), the mirrors, even the color of your soap!!! And Coi Coi is adorable being your model :o) But where is your hired help???? Must have a final picture with our beloved KF!!! 😀

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention the lighting!! Love the look! It all goes together so well 🙂

  6. Absolutely wonderful effects Molly – ongratulations.

    I was wondering how the kittes were supposed to get up to the top of the medicine cabinet (or rather down from it once they’d somehow managed to get up).

    From there its an easy transfer to top of shower door rail.

    How long before we have a ‘top level walkway’ installed?
    Can see KF and others eying it, thinking ‘that would be fun…”

    • That is soo funny!! I think you “think” just like one of Molly’s kitties Bobin 😀 I can absolutely see them “eying” it!!

  7. Well, Sequoia was in the picture, so there was a kitty. 😀

  8. Stunning! I, too, think it’s very brave to have taken this project on by yourself – and to use such a bold color! Love it! I really like the crisp white cabinet, but I think the bubble tile is my fave 🙂

  9. Molly it looks terrific. I like the splashes on the ceiling they are unique to you. Glad to see that KF and Quoi Quoi approve of the job you did.

  10. Wonderful job Molly !!! KF will have to pay now to enter your shower? lol !!!! And where the devil is he ?? I do hope your plumber was impressed with your decor? Even down to bubble toilet paper indeed 😀 I also would never attempt such a project, but it is magnificent. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Nicely done. The kitties did a great supervising your work, Molly. LOL

    • Oops. ……..great JOB, that is.

      Oh, the ceiling and door frame area splatters add your special artistic touch, beautifully.

  12. When are you going to paint Sequoia purple?

  13. Great job, congratulations. But please, don’t make a purple Koi koi, I like her just the way she is.

  14. I love how the bathroom came out! IMO one can never have too much purple, so I love your extra touches of it on the floor & ceiling! I’m sure you could have never finished this project without all the extra help you received from Kalahari & Sequoia (and anyone else who lent you a paw)! 😛

  15. OK, now I really am inspired to get off my duff and do something creative! It turned out BEAUTIFUL, Molly!

  16. Roberta Johnston

    Cat on wall..dreaming of, birds! What else?

  17. My goodness, I only go away for the weekend and find that there is soooo much to catch up on at ‘Chez Mythicbells’.
    I’m sure you breathed a big sigh of relief after the finished bathroom was inspected and passed by ‘the crew’. I have to say, it does look absolutely fabulous and you must be feeling very pleased and proud. 😀

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