Camouflaged Cat

Am I ever going to get to use this sink??



9 responses to “Camouflaged Cat

  1. Of course you can use this sink… when Kalahari’s finished with it!!

  2. That’s too cute! Kalahari had to finish his job as bathroom supervisor by assessing the comfort of the new accommodations so he could report back to his peers. Now that he has approved the new sink, I’m sure it won’t be long before Gypsy Rose decides to give it a try for one of her naps! Poor Simba Kahn must be lost though! His beloved cabinet under the sink is gone! It’s a good thing there are still plenty of cabinets available in the kitchen! 😛

  3. You had to see that coming! LOL! It sure fits him!

  4. Kalahari is thankful for his new bed you had installed for him… LOL !!! 😀

  5. I think he knew, in the end, there would be a special place for him!!! and it is a Purrrfect fit 😀

  6. A purrfect place to wait for someone to come try the shower and then he can show them his newly learned door opening skills and join them.

  7. Looks soooooooo comfy….
    There will be a queue for it….


  8. that’s what you get when you install a fur sink

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