Gypsy Rose, you are too funny!


25 responses to “Gypsy Rose, you are too funny!

  1. THAT is priceless!

  2. Glad you spare no expense in your attempts to find the PURRfect PURRch for GR.

  3. Again, it makes me wonder how their little minds work. Cats do seem to have quite a unique perspective about what the purpose is for any given item.

  4. Just noticed what it says on the wrapper…
    “Premium PURRformance”

  5. I guess she’s checking to make sure the claim of being ‘soft and strong’ is not false advertising!

  6. this should be a photo in your next calendar!!

  7. OMG molly! that is the BEST! i love finding our fur babies in a place we’d least expect and being able to snap a pic!

  8. LittlePrincessMom

    Love the picture of GR on the paper towels. Just like Little Princess likes to get into little baskets. Aren’t our babies something. Blessings

  9. This is so cute and funny. I laugh so much. Thank GR for me.

  10. OMG! I love it! Phoebe & Zoey love to find unexpected places to sleep, too!

  11. ROTFL!! Darling Gypsy Rose! ♥

  12. What a wonderful opening to my day LOL!!! That pic is priceless without a doubt ! And Gypsy Rose is all those things 😀

  13. Jennifer Heizer

    OMG!!! How perfect 😀 I just love Gypsy Rose ♥ GREAT picture Molly! Thanks for the smile to start my Monday morning.

  14. Thank you, Wooly Wonder, for giving me a good chuckle this morning. Way too cute!!!!!!

  15. How funny and delightful, I don’t think I’ll ever work out what’s in a cats mind but they are sooo entertaining aren’t they!!
    Strong and soft…that describes Gypsy Rose to a ‘T’. 😀

  16. Lorraine Brattin

    Oh my goodness, what a ball of fluff. Gypsy Rose looks so comfortable draped over the towels, it looks like she’s found her spot for the day. What a good kitty. Thanks for sharing this Molly.

  17. Gwen AKA Supagme

    You should send that to Brawny. They might like it for advertising. Thanks for the share of the cute picture.

    • I was gonna say the same thing! If they like it and want to use it, they have to *buy* it! Gypsy Rose could earn her keep…LOL! 🙂

  18. Sweet,sweet beastie!!!

  19. Gypsy Rose = perfection
    love love love love love love, etc…. =D

  20. Bounty should pay you to use this in ads

  21. ooops, i mean Brawny. lol

  22. What a darling! wish I had her. And Kalahari is just too funny as a supervisor for bathroom revisions. Thanks for the posts!

  23. Purrrfect advertisement Molly! That made my afternoon when I got home from work! Love it!!

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