The end is in sight…

I finished the grouting today and the floor sure looked white!  If I’d known about the compromise on the wall grout color I would have at least gone with gray grout on the floor.  It needed a little “something” which I’ve added.  (Yes, I did dribble purple paint out onto the mosaic floor.  Purple is so hard to contain!  😀 ) I’ll do the same for the other small patch of floor bubbles when that grout sets over night.  SO, just caulking and sealing to go, but I’m ready for the plumber!

To everybody’s relief we should be back to cat photos and videos again soon.


12 responses to “The end is in sight…

  1. Purple IS hard to contain! 🙂

    Looks beautiful, Molly!

  2. Bobin believes the purple bubbles at the bottom of the wall are the beautifullest baubles in the bathroom.

    Bubbles could be so bloomin’ envious…!

    (Rest of bathroom is pretty good too, Molly!)
    Hope KF got well involved (… did I need a comma after ‘well’?)


  3. PS: Better ‘The end is in sight’ than ‘The end is Neigh’!

    • Oh, good thing I didn’t think of “The end is Neigh” — so much more poetic… now I’m off to Google it to make sure I understand, though I’ve heard the expression a gabillion times.

  4. It does look good Molly. I think you’ve contained the purple paint very well….unless KF is now walking around with the addition of purple highlights that is! 😀

  5. bubbles?So they are bubbles?Really? Ok, my eyes failed me again, I took them for cute kitten paw prints(Kalahari’s)…just another of my Pindaric flights then!!
    But bubbles are lovely so let them be bubbles for Bob’s joy and delight 🙂

  6. Great Job !! Are you having a new bathroom suit?

  7. Jennifer Heizer

    Yes, the bubbles/paw prints at the bottom are just PURRfect!! I LOVE it!! As much as I love your cat videos and photos, I REALLY have enjoyed watching your bathroom come to life!! It amazes me how much hard work is involved to redecorate a bathroom but when you have an “artist eye”, it becomes a work of art!! And, on top of all that, when you have a supervisor who makes sure everything runs smoothly, well, how can it not look stupendous 😀 You are amazing Molly♥

  8. Molly…You are simply amazing!

    I ❤ all the purple, especially that shade, as it is my favorite!


  9. It looks just lovely Molly.

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