Inspection Crew…

I thought it was time to call in the inspection crew, Sirocco and Kalahari.  Naturally Kalahari has a vested interest.  But first Sequoia and Simba Kahn were decked out in their duds (stud pants / princess panties) since they feel it’s their job to christen anything that’s new and interesting.  Due to their vigilance in these matters, the bathroom doors have been kept closed for a month and will stay closed until the grout is sealed.

Kalahari eyes that end of the shower door a his most likely prospect for entry at some future date.

Sirocco is very serious about inspection duty. Or mesmerized by the bubbles?


10 responses to “Inspection Crew…

  1. Seeing all those bubbles makes me want to break out my bottle of bubbles (bubble bottle?!) and blow bubbles.

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    Looks like the inspection crew is VERY serious about their job!! I think KF has come to terms with not have a shower curtain but it does look like he will find entry into the shower no matter what 🙂 By the way Molly, I was wondering if you keep the little “kitten” portal to the other room??

    • Oh, yes! The kitten portal. Great name for it! It’s essential since Tiny Bear’s retirement. Tiny Bear was such an easy going mother I could allow free access to the the nursery for the other cats via a gate when the kittens were too small to roam, or leave it open to give the kittens free access to the rest of the house when they got older. Sahara who is Ms. Huntress and loves being outside when she has no kittens and more or less gets along with everyone, becomes a total psycho when she has kittens — pretty much for the duration of their stay before adoption, so she has to be confined in the nursery during that time. I suspect that Sequoia will be the same. The kitten portal allows the kittens to leave the nursery and experience the other cats and explore while Mom is confined to quarters.

  3. Inspection crew very through. KF looking for ‘weakest link’.

    Can’t wait till Bubbles sees all this and gives us her seal of approval…

    BTW Maggie – its a Bathroom ‘suite’ not a Bathroom ‘suit’ which probably is similar to a ‘Birthday suit’. (So nice to pick someone else up on spelung for a change).


  4. popponessetbandit

    Maybe the bathroom could be renamed the “Bubble Room.”

  5. LOL!!! Bobin …….. just noticed my spelling error for which you kindly chose to show to all and sundry. hahahahaha!!! Sirocco does not seem to be bothered about my spelling… she is more concerned about what is going on around the bathroom ”Suite” area. 😀

  6. I’m sure your inspection crew was very thorough!

    I love the purple grout! If it were me, I would paint all of the grout on the bubble tiles purple. 🙂

  7. Sirocco looks as if she’s mulling it over very seriously…. and Kalahari looks as if he’s staking his claim as first in the queue for the shower, it’s a wonder he’s not sitting there with his little towel tucked under his arm. 😀

  8. Besides the perfect kitties, great job on the tiling. I love the accent of the darker bubble tile at the base. The bubble tiles are awesome, especially with your added touch of purple to the grout. Bravo!

  9. Great job one the bathroom. Only a cat person would understand the ways of these chadrming fur balls….good thing you came up with the pants!

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