WHEW! The walls are grouted…

It was a long, hard day for Kalahari as you can see, but we got ‘er done!  The walls are grouted.  I settled for coloring the white grout slightly for a light lavender shade.  Any areas that didn’t cover are not glaringly noticeable.  I managed pretty good coverage but thickness of the grout on the surface of the tiles varies allowing some bubbles to stand out more than others.  Overall, it’s a just fine ‘look.’  The floor to go – I’m hoping it will be just a tad less like manual labor.


16 responses to “WHEW! The walls are grouted…

  1. Bless his heart! :D:D

  2. He must have worked so hard, you slave driver! He can rest with me. My kids would love him.

  3. Can i hire Kalahari to re-do my bathroom? Or perhaps we’ll just hang out and play with the red fuzzy ball. I LOVE HIM!– and, you, and the other 7 as well, of course.

  4. He looks completely tuckered out! Poor little guy! But how could you have completed the walls without him?

  5. Love the tile, grout and the picture of the hired help is truly PRICELESS! He could convince the devil to buy matches! Playing the I worked hard ALL day and finally got this job done card! The little pistol~Bless!

  6. Oh my goodness! Kalahari laying there, out cold, has got to be the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! He is just too much! I love the way JAFO put it about your “hired help!” Although, I’m sure Kalahari worked for free!

    The tile came out beautiful, Molly! You are amazing! 🙂

  7. Wonderful job! I am envious! I want wall tile like that in my bathroom! Are you and Kalahari for hire? 🙂

    • I’m might hire Kalahari out at a premium. He’s a hard worker! Guaranteed to spread your grout effectively throughout the house. Does get some on the tile as well.

  8. LOL!!! What an amazing little guy all poofed out 😀 Tiling looks great – I am sure Kalahari is looking forward to his first shower with you when it is finally finished.

  9. Jennifer Heizer

    It looks amazing Molly!! It looks like KF just spread his little towel down on the floor, after a job well done, and just completely zonked out after all that hard work 😀 You guys make an awesome team and the bathroom looks great!! Can’t wait to see it with toilet and sink. WOW!!!!!

  10. Kalahari looks wiped from his supervising duties, Molly. The walls look neat so far. Jennifer aka Sapphirehimi

  11. You rule, Molly – what an accomplishment! Wiped indeed. What the little dude needs is a nice, long vacation. In Virginia. At my house. (Liki is already practicing her hissing.)

  12. I just couldn’t help laughing when I saw the picture Molly. He’s really out for the count there and making it look like HE’S done all the hard work. Typical of a man!!
    I love the way you’ve mixed purple in with the grout to give it the pale lavender finish. Looks really good. 😀

  13. You 2 did a terrific job on the tileing and grout work. Just proves that 4 paws are better than none. The bathroom really came out well.

  14. Molly

    If Kalahari can mange vertical walls, the floor should be an absolute doddle.

    With Kalahari to wipe the grout in it should get done in a Flash (woops – sorry Kodi!)


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