This morning …

This morning is off to a good start as you can see!  Gypsy Rose is on the floor just off camera and Sahara is downstairs — the bed is the Fluff Zone:  starting top left: Sequoia, Tiny Bear, Kalahari, Simba Kahn, Nugget, Sirocco:


12 responses to “This morning …

  1. Jennifer Heizer

    You have the most awesome family Molly!! So adorable…I love everyone 🙂
    LOVE the quilt too!!

  2. what a warm and fuzzy little bit of fluffy happiness!

  3. Looks like heaven to me!

  4. A wonderful way to spend sometime with your furry family in the morning, to have them all greet you and want to stay there for awhile (until hunger gets the best of them)

  5. Tough to take…right? 🙂

  6. What a wonderful surprise to wake upto !!! 😀 I noticed Kalahari is as always on top form. SK is as ever in that sloopy mood . lol !!! I just love his expressions. Adorable !!!!

  7. Ah, yes – cats on quilts – they have SUCH good taste! (Mine are usually covered in cat hair.)

  8. Lorraine Brattin

    Love to see all of the furbabies all at once. I just wish the other two could have made it in the picture too then you would have had the whole family. Love them all up for me Molly.


  10. Veronica (Chewy)

    That’s such a cute bunch. If the other 2 were there then it would make a great family portrait for the holidays …lol

  11. I wouldn’t want my mornings to end if my bed looked like that!! 😀

    • Me either! My cat Zoey hangs out in my bed with me…my constant companion to my right all night and if I camp out in my bed during the day she’s right there! Phoebe comes up on the bed to visit and stays for a little while, but she prefers to sleep on a blanket formed into a nest right near my bed.

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