Impromptu photo shoot

This started out as an attempt to capture Kalahari in all his glory and show him off, but as usual the little ham’s cooperation fell short of perfection, so I included shots of some of the others in the vicinity.


14 responses to “Impromptu photo shoot

  1. Jennifer Heizer

    They are all sooo adorable!! LOVE the pictures. Thanks Molly!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable pictures! I love Simba Kahn’s tongue shot with Gypsy Rose, although he’s “barking up the wrong tree” with his affections! LOL!

    • Gypsy Rose was SK’s first love and will always be his best friend, I think.

      • Aww…that’s SO sweet! It’s too bad she was never able to have babies with him…they would have been adorable! Did your vet ever determine if there was a reason she failed to breed? Just curious (I’m sure you’re used to my curious nature by now)…

  3. Wonderful Shots !!! Kalahari has so much character, he is just a poser LOL !!!! thanks Molly.

  4. Beautiful pics as always Molly – thanks
    KF always tries to steal the show – and sometimes succeeds.

    GR magnificently relaxd…


  5. As usual, they are just too cute for words. Tan you Molly

  6. Totally gorgeous pics Molly of gorgeous kitties. thank you for posting!

  7. Lovely pictures Molly. Kalahari’s ‘clowning’ antics with the red puff ball on the video make up for his non co operation for the stills.
    I keep meaning to ask, who was the father of Gypsy Rose? I’ve looked through your website but can’t find anything to say.

    • Gypsy Rose’s father was a red tabby named Tang: Since she was from the first litter you may not have gone deep enough into my kitten galleries. Too bad she did not have kittens as she could have possibly had red tabby males (males inherit color from their mom). Tang also had a heavy population of Himalayans in his pedigree which would have allowed GR to have Himmys if bred to a Himmy or one who carried the gene.

      • I guess the version of the post I opened from my email was before your reply, so my reply to Grizabella is redundant…

      • Thank you Molly and Mindy, as you say, I didn’t look deep enough.
        GR would certainly have had beautiful kittens, but it wasn’t to be was it.
        I’m just intrigued as to where she has got her immense fluffyness from.
        Judging by the pictures of her siblings from the same litter at 8 months, it looks as if one or two of those might have been heading the same way.

      • There have been many shots posted of one of her littermates, Little Miss Princess. She and Gypsy Rose do look a lot alike!

    • Hi Grizabella…

      Here is the answer:

      ~Mindy 🙂

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