Research and development: a dismal failure!

Well, I’m getting close to the grouting phase, but decided a little experimentation was in order with this ‘gimicky’ tile.  I love the idea, but in practice it’s either only for the professionals or it’s just not a feasible idea.  The manufacturer sells the tile as a base color and then you grout in the background.  The whole tile on the right was almost a success after hours of ‘dicking’ around with getting the colored grout to stick and not pull away when the bubbles where wiped clean.  You can see that it still failed to cover some of the edges.  The mess on the left was an experiment to see different tile edges in action, both cut and uncut.  I didn’t try very hard to get the grout to stick, but just applied it as I would a normal tile project.  I think this is a HUGE mess in the making when you are looking at a whole wall.  With my walls now covered with these tiles, my only recourse is to go with white grout on the white bubbles so the lack of adhesion between the bubbles isn’t as much of an issue.  Oh well!  Best laid plans and all that!


19 responses to “Research and development: a dismal failure!

  1. Molly !!!! Keep with it – you are not Beaten!!! 😀 … love the colour.. you can do it.

  2. OOOOOOOO – perhaps Bubbles could help you?

  3. I’m wondering if there would be a problem with water intrusion behind the tiles if you end up with small gaps around the tiles. This could become a major problem later on if so.

    It’s been a while since I’ve worked with tile, so I could be way off base here. But is the grout mixture wet enough? If it’s too dry, the float might be pulling it away from the tiles because of that. Just a thought, and I’m no pro.

    Also, are you ‘pulling’ the float over the tiles, and could you use more of a pressing motion instead? Hard to know if this is an option without getting my hands on it, so just trying to trouble-shoot mentally.

    I like the color contrast. White on white wouldn’t be as much fun.

  4. I vote for white grout — as lovely as the example on the right looks in the picture, I bet you’d be in for a major headache if you tried to do the whole bathroom that way. White would still be cool because you’d still see the bubbles.

    • A voice of reason!! LOL. I knew I shouldn’t have shown the colored grout to you artistic types…. I fell for it for precisely that reason. I LOVE COLOR. But it’s going to be white. Other suggestions have been grout too wet to grout too dry … lol. But the issue here is not the grout in the groves between the tiles where grout is — like — designed to go. This company designed tiles that are supposed to hold the grout everywhere except where the glazed bubbles are. Moving right along here…. my wet saw died with only a dozen or so cuts to go! I DO have the newsletter ready and I will try to get it sent tonight. In the meantime I made an emergency trip over to Home Depot to purchase an equally cheap wet saw to finish up these few cuts. I think I’m crazed! … no, I KNOW I’m crazed!

  5. Dont worry about the newslatter Molly. Let it come out ‘in its own good time’.

    Far better to grout whilst the kitten’s hot.
    “White Grout, or not White Grout – that is the question..>”

    You can safely blame late posting of Newsletter on any or all of:-
    a) Change from DaylightSavingTime to std time in Europe;
    b) Mid term elections;
    c) Internet clogged up with purple grout;
    d) National Security


    • e. all of the above f. Kalahari ate itt

      • … and you STILL managed to get the Newsletter out… it arrived here (UK) JUST before midnight of 31 Oct – 1st November! Well done.

        LOVELY pics Molly – both your adult kitties AND your almuni continue to enchant, surprise and delight.

        PS I can hear KF screaming ” ME ME ME ME ME..” because not featured in latest newsletter… NOT a good time to get him irritated I think!

  6. White on white will still look nice. Sometimes it’s worth changing plans just to cut down on the aggravation.

  7. There you go! 🙂

  8. As much as I loved the neat idea of the purple grout in between the bubbles, I think the color contrast with the walls might not have been quite right, so taking everything into consideration, you’re probably better off with white grout and funky towels. UNLESS you call the store where you bought the tile & grout to see if they have some easy solution…

    Ask Kalahari to see what he thinks… : )

  9. If it was me, I’d go with the white grout but then I’m no where near as artistic and patient as you, I wish I was though, whatever you decide, the finished product is going to look great.
    And Bobin is right, when I went into my e-mails this morning, there’s your newsletter sitting there. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are knee deep in grouting or have numerous kittens to look after, that newsletter is always sent out on time. 😀

  10. So how’s the project going today, Molly?

    • LOL! I just got dressed, Rae. It can only be UP from here? I hope. First on my agenda is to resched. the plumber, I’m not going to meet deadline. For once I get to do the rescheduling rather than the other way around.

      • You reschedule the plumber and the next client gets moved up on the list and seen sooner – way to spread the joy, Molly! Purple towels? Cool.

  11. I just love to buy new towels! Stick with the white grout .

  12. I’m just going to throw this up there Molly, how about painting the occasional circle tile in Purple? Matching your wall? OR sponging a circle in purple or even a purple paw print here and there? Use acrylic and then seal it. Sorry, GF but if we were in the same cell and lookin each other in the eye I’d offer the same….. ^5 GF ~
    You’ve done an amazing job there and you know that some things happen for a reason! Love all the support from the troops, pawed and typed! You can’t go wrong with constructive help from all over the world!

    • LOL, JAFO! I will have to await the final “look” and see what inspires me. Don’t think I haven’t thought that any number of ‘things’ could be added after the fact, as it were ….

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