Progress report on bathroom

This is what it looks like as of 8 pm this evening. I’m cutting all of the pieces around the full tiles on the walls.  I just got that phase started today and I’m under the gun to get this finished by the middle of next week when I have the plumber scheduled to come in. I couldn’t resist putting up 2 top trim tiles to see if they would stick. Now I’m praying that Kalahari doesn’t ping off of an adjacent wall and disturb them before they set.

As you can see, Kalahari is close at hand in case I need him.



15 responses to “Progress report on bathroom

  1. I love that “bubble” tile on the walls. How cute! I’ve never seen that pattern before. What color are you going to use for the grout?

    • I tried to get as close to purple on the wall grout as they had, but I think it might be a little on the rose side of purple. It fills in between the bubbles which I can’t wait to see, so the tile on the walls will be mostly the color of the grout with white bubbles.

  2. Whatever would we do around the house without our cats to help us? Folding laundry, beating the vacuum into submission, sweeping up spilled cat litter, cleaning up the dust bunnies…? They’re indispensable!

  3. I love the “bubble” design and wavy edges of the wall tile! I am not surprised in the least that Kalahari is attempting to be “helpful” with the bathroom remodel! Has he gotten decorated in any paint or grout yet? He would look cute with a purple streak in his fur! LOL! Have you had any other enthusiastic helpers? What would you do without their invaluable assistance?!?! : )

  4. Of course Kalahari is being helpful! Although cats are typically better at making beds and folding laundry than putting up tile (or at least mine are). Mickey helps me brush my teeth every day; he has to sit beside the sink and paw at the water.

    The bathroom is looking TERRIFIC, Molly. I’m so jealous of your self-motivation, energy and creativity! Can you put some in an envelope, please, and mail it up to Washington?

  5. It looks brilliant Molly. Thanks so much for the update.
    Glad to see that KF is keeping close paw on your work.


  6. Jennifer Heizer

    Amazing Molly!! It looks fantastic. And kudos to KF for supervising this project so wonderfully!! I’m sure when you are finished, he will insist on having his picture taken in the beautifully completed bathroom (although I’m sure he would have prefered a shower curtain) 😀

  7. Your tiling looks so good Molly, I’m in awe at your skills, and pleased to see that you have ‘extra help’, if required.

  8. Cats are also excellent seamstresses/tailors. Have never completed a hand-sewn project without feline assistance – they’re so good at guiding the thread.

    Bathroom looks great, Molly!

    • Jennifer Heizer

      Agreed. I design and make quilts and not one quilt gets made without all three kitties contributing a little something 🙂 If nothing else, they feel it MUST be “broken in” with a quick nap on it 😀

  9. Bathroom looks great Molly and am glad to see Kalahara’s has a paw on the job. Any time we have ever done anything around here our kitties have always wanted to help. One of our Siamese cats we had years ago took a very small bite from every loaf of apricot bread I had made. They were to be used for gifts. Folks didn’t know when they got them they had passed the “kitty taste test”. LOL (there was too little time to redo them)

  10. Wow THAT is beautiful Molly! I LOVE that you’ve used different textures, shapes and the color pallet. Not everyone is able to go “outside” the lines and pull it together! LOVELY~LOVELY~LOVELY! Cannot wait to see the grout with the color added! Awesome! Lookin ya in the eye GF, Lookin ya in the eye ^5

  11. LittlePrincessMom

    Looks so beautiful. You are doing such a wonderful job. You have great talent. Blessings to you and kitties

  12. I love how cats are so helpful! Obviously, Kalahari is very good at it!! Mine have helped with making quilts (it’s scary to use a rotary cutter around them, especially Lily), painting, and Tiger was a great helper when my new furnace was installed (he fell in love with the furnace guy, who fortunately was a cat lover). And I’m impressed with all your work, and agree that I’d like you to ship me the energy and skills to do something like that!

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