A great source of information…

I just found a new blog that is a great source of information.  No. Wait!  They found me and left a post, so I checked them out.  Dr. Truli’s blog: http://virtuavet.wordpress.com/ It’s well worth a visit.  The link will be over to the right for posterity.


6 responses to “A great source of information…

  1. I like what he has to say.. he seems realistic too.

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    VERY interesting article about “How to Tell When Your Cat is in Pain”. I did not realize that cats have a tendency to hide their pain. It was amazing to see the picture of Holly (who as in a lot of pain) when she knew someone was there and then the picture of her when she thought she was alone. GREAT resource Molly!! Thanks so much.

  3. Yes, it is. And those of you facing the “quality of life” issue for a beloved pet, be sure to check out her articles on that. I haven’t read them yet, so have no comments one way or the other, but it’s a subject crying for attention.

  4. I subscribed to VirtuaPet…seems like a very down-to-Earth vet! I’m going to read that post on pain as I’ve always wondered about that. It’s amazing how she found you!

  5. *Thank You Molly, I too will be reading up on “quality of life”. Difficult to separate heart and head, just what I needed. Hugs ❤

  6. Hi everybody!
    Molly and I are having a great discussion about animal laboratory testing over at the “Murphy’s Laws” post. Thank you for your wonderful feedback. Feel free to comment or ask questions or suggest discussions you would like to have.
    Holly,the little cat in the Cats in Pain story, is the only patient without a miraculous happy ending to her medical condition. But I knew when I saw her faking it, and hiding her pain, that she was going to help many, many cats in the future.

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