Progress report ‘n stuff …

Part of my new carpet plan was removing the huge bookcase against the high wall.  I’m sure many of you have seen it in videos.  I designed that bookcase in the mid ’70’s and my husband had it professionally built for me.  As you can imagine after being part of my life for some 30 years, the decision to ‘let it go’ was major.  I posted an ad for it in the eBay classifieds and it found a home in a Victorian home right here in my town within a week!  I’m enjoying the openness of not having too much furniture crammed into that space.  However it created a kitty dilemma.  The top of the bookcase was a major kitty thoroughfare from the stairs over to the kitchen cabinets.  Here’s a photo of my solution – wall mounted cat shelves.  It’s not quite complete yet as I’m modifying the vertical climbing board that was previously installed from the landing to the top of the stair rail.  I don’t know yet if I will get another kitty shelf to go on the other side of the hutch stepping up to the kitchen divider:

Sahara enjoys the top of the hutch. I put her on the higher shelf, as they won't leap up there on their own. It awaits the vertical climbing board.

The bathroom is progressing slowly, but I placed the last floor piece down today.  Tomorrow I can start on the walls.  The books says to grout everything at once, so that’s what I’ll do.  That alone may be a challenge because the wall grout is purple and the floor grout is white.  You can see the areas I filled in with wall tile to make up for my shortage of floor tile.  Thank God for caulk, grout, and other such things to hide a gazillion little mistakes.  The 2 trim areas will match the walls and have color in them.  Hard to explain so you’ll just have to wait and see — and so will I.  I don’t know if it will look like hell or be cool and groovy.  In the entry I put a little line of mosaic stones for the simple reason I didn’t want to try and cut a 1/2″ strip off of a sheet of mosaic pieces.


15 responses to “Progress report ‘n stuff …

  1. Don’t worry, it looks quite good. Just be positive and everything will work out fine. 🙂 We are all here to support and we’re sending positive waves to help you succeed with this ‘bathroom project’.

  2. Looks like things are coming along. It is amazing what a new look will do for you…. ” a renewal” is always food for us.

  3. Molly
    I think it looks fantastic already, and any Roman floor tiler (Tilebericus) would give you a job immediately!


  4. Molly…I think it looks fantastic so far! I’m excited to see what purple grout looks like!

    I’m curious…what did you do with all the books you had on those shelves?? You have A LOT of books to “re-home!”


  5. I forgot to ask…how do the cats get across to the kitchen now? Can they get around the plant or is the idea to keep them out of the kitchen?

    • “we” are still forming our ideas about that. chances are I’ll hear a huge crash in the middle of the night some time, and that will be the end of the plant. I like it there, but do the kitties? — they don’t really need to get into the kitchen over top… that’s my current contention.

  6. Molly, you inspire me! Now I want to retile our bathroom in Canada!

  7. You are a busy lady – I am sure it will be a job well done.

  8. Jennifer Heizer

    Wow Molly! It is progressing very nicely 🙂 Love the little mosaic stones near the door. It’s little touches like these that really give it that special touch. Yes, I remember that video of the kitties sneaking into the kitchen via the top!! KF must be very frustrated not to have that little “secret” path OR the shower curtain 😀 It’s looking super Molly!! Thanks for the update and pics.

  9. It’s looking really good Molly and what a brilliant idea to come up with the wall mounted shelves. You are making me feel guilty though. As they would say on the property shows, my house looks tired and dated and I should be doing something to ‘spruce it up’, but my get up and go has got up and GONE I’m afraid!!

    • Griz, if it’s any consolation, sometimes the get up and go tha got up and went can be a long time making a come back. It’s taken me 6 years to get to this project.

  10. I give you all the credit for even ATTEMPTING to do this. there is no way on God’s green earth would I even THINK about tackling such a job. You are my hero !!!! (Looks good too)

  11. I’ll come flush your water heater and babysit if you’ll come down and tile my bath Molly! I LIKE what you’re doing there! Awesome!

  12. it is looking good!!! I really need to do some painting and cannot get up and do it…maybe some day or not!

  13. LittlePrincessMom

    Oh Molly I like how everything is looking in your home. You are doing a great job, its all coming into place. I won’t know your place when I see it. Keep up the good work. take care. Blessings to all of you.

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