Kitties where did I put my head??

Obviously all of this attention has gone to my mis-placed head!  My mother raised me better but, alas, that was a LONG time ago.  I woke up this morning with the realization that KittyCam could never have succeeded had it not been for the invaluable help from several people.  Early on it became apparent that I would need help if the chatroom was to remain “G” rated and not turn into a free-for-all for vermin trolling the Internet.  I initially brought in 313 whom you may have seen pop in and out, red cloak trailing, to ban a miscreant  (all administrative people in the room are shown in red).  313 has had several identity changes, but seems to have settled for now. … and 313 is quick and lethal — an attribute that we all appreciate.  Later, we enlisted Flash who has been a bit more identity secure.  They work very well together and keep a close eye on things for me.  I’m “FireFly” & “FireFlyLT” and nearly always out to lunch figuratively or literally. With my limited attention span, I need all the help I can get.  Early this year with two litters arriving I asked Swat to come in and pinch-hit for 313 and Flash as a back up.  They’ve all done a great job keeping KittyCam a safe and clean place for people of all ages.  Thanks and kudos to my helpers!!

12 responses to “Kitties where did I put my head??

  1. I think I was born with 2 brains 1 in space and the other on earth, sadly the 1 on earth has brainage!!!! 😀 Indeed minding our P’s & Q’s has been questionable at times, it does make some of us kittycamers think twice, not to mention alot of tapping. . . . LOL
    Great job <3<3<3

  2. I kind of figured that out (finally!) – interesting to read about. I’ve been very impressed when a vermin was trolling and at how fast they were dumped! Good job!

  3. it is an honor (honour for you Brits!) and a pleasure : D

  4. Jennifer Heizer

    Absolutely concur with a job well done!!! They are always quick on the job and much appreciated. Thanks so much 😀

  5. I would like to add my thanks to those already expressed, to the admin team.

    There is usually an admin around when needed (sometimes many).

    When a vermin turned up in the last week, he asked an inappropriate question, and before we could even think of a suitable non-answer, he was banned. BAM. Well done.

    It really helps us all feel a lot more safe and secure.


  6. KUDOS

  7. Well done all the Red Coats – 😀 it certainly does make Mythicbells a much happier and safer place. 😀

  8. Thanks.. it is my pleasure to pinch hit when needed.

  9. I appreciate the quick actions of the 313, Flash, and Swat a lot! It takes a lot to keep a chat room clean and free of “trolls!” Thanks to all of you for keeping the Kitty Cam Chat a fun place to hang out!


  10. Yes, thanks you guys. I hadn’t realized that you had ‘guards on the door’ ready to chuck the ‘oddballs’ out. (Doh! I’m always slow on the uptake!) But I have noticed that you don’t get the ‘troll’ problems that some other chat rooms do.
    Well done 313, Flash and Swat, what excellent ‘Ciber Bouncers’ you are!! 😀

  11. popponessetbandit

    I experienced 313’s quick response when the G&H litters were babies and the explanation of how they couldn’t return easily to the KittyCam!!
    Well Done!! Also love the connotation of Red Coats, Maggie!!

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