KittyCam chocks up another 100,000 hits!

So, there I was, prostrate on the couch in an exhausted stupor when I glanced over at the laptop and noticed that there was an email from Bobin. Usually, when someone asks me to post something specific — a picture or whatever, my thoughts are generally along the lines of “you wanna blog? They’re free.” I think Bobin would have a fabulous blog, he has a unique way of viewing life that is always entertaining.  However, this time I’m going to post his email verbatim – spelling errors corrected to make him look good.  Thank you Bobin.  An appreciative audience always encourages me to continue.

KittyCam is just a kitten’s whisker from turning over to 600,000 hits! Do you realize that I posted the 500,000 mark right after the birth of the “H” litter in April, so that means KittyCam has had 100,000 hits since then. KittyCam went online January, 2008. AMAZING!!

*back to the couch*


It looks as if your site will reach its magic 600,00o hits some time in the next few hours, when I’m in bed asleep, or shortly after (when you are in bed asleep) although the kitties are often on the prowl at night. I bet Sirocco is on watch over the computer…

On behalf of all your human and feline friends worldwide we offer congratultions and thanks for all the love, joy, friendship, humour (humor if you insist) and wisdom you have and continue to provide.

Your various outputs, on chatroom, blog, youtube, FB or newsletter are eagerly awaited. by us all.  The quality of the pictures, videos and commentary whether serious or silly are always well chosen and fun to read.
We are really grateful beyond mere words.

Perhaps you could reflect this email into the blog and/or FB and allow others to contribute their thoughts?

Thank you


15 responses to “KittyCam chocks up another 100,000 hits!

  1. What Bobin said! Congratulations, Molly and kitties. And thank you for being there for me with Tiger’s issues. You had my back when I was trying to figure out what to do, and I’m so grateful.

  2. ♥ ♥ Dear Amazing Molly You Are All That ♥ ♥ and Bobin you are a Great Guy with a kind heart, not to mention a wee bit devoted and I agree with you
    from the bottom of my heart!!!

  3. Molly, I just got back from lying on the bed with the kitties while I waited for the laundry load to finish. Mickey was lying on his back with his belly in the air, all his orange fluff exposed, and a happy little smile on his face — just purring away, sleepy. Because of you, I have the most wonderful little boy. Thank you again for all that you do!

  4. I thoroughly and heartily concur with Bobin. I couldnt have said it better either ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. yes, what they ^ all said! Thank you, and thank you for my most precious Flash, a true love and joy.

  6. Congratulations Molly, and well done Bobin for adding your lovely comment for us all to see 😀
    What a wonderful family of friends and kitties.

  7. Molly
    Many thanks for posting my email – and also for correcting my typos.
    But how will people know it’s a genuine Bobinism without any typos?

  8. Congratulations Molly !!!! Your blogs and video’s are fabulous and sometimes when it has been a tough day they make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside…:) Sir Bobin said it all!!!! Thank you Molly and the kitties….:)

  9. Jennifer Heizer

    Thank you and congrats Molly from the bottom of my heart!!! I thank my lucky stars for having found you (thanks to Sequoia’s adorableness in “Grooming Sequoia” video) and ever since then, not a day goes by without searching for your videos, blogs, and facebook posts. After experiencing my FIRST litters of kittens with G and H, I am so grateful to have found, not only you, but an awesome group of people who feel the same way about you and your amazingly beautiful kitties!!!!! Thanks so much for opening your life, heart, and home to us all. We all love you!!! I know the KittyCam will chalk up even more hits after the next litter is born because I have friends and family that want me to let them know when the next gorgeous kitties are born 🙂

  10. Congratulations Molly, I heartily echo everything Bobin said and everyone else as well. I’m not surprised in the least that you get so many hits. I found your wonderful website just by looking through the Camstreams webcams. I used to visit Mythicbells as a guest number to start with but then (with the arrival of the H litter) got really hooked and like many others, now have to visit here every day. I even find myself wondering how the kitties are getting on when I’m away or unable to access my computer.
    Yes, I am rather cat obsessed, but I’m not the only one and your videos, blogs and webcam ect. lighten up the lives of people like me.
    Thank you so much. 😀

  11. Well, I think you all know how I feel about MythicBells and Molly. Especially since we were lucky enough to adopt one of the “H” litter kittens (Halo/Molly). I don’t think I know anyone that works so hard to bring joy to the world. Congratulations Molly!!!


  12. Molly…. I agree with what everyone has said. Bobin did an eloquent job of saying how blessed we all are for your blogs, pictures, humor, encouragement and teachings. The 600,000 hits speak for themselves… and the cuteness of those little ones certainly didn’t hurt either! Your blog is my daily morning “fix” at work, and the videos are just too cute for words. I’m working my way from the first videos when there aren’t any more new ones. I LOVE their little paws dark underside; , and dark markings ; gives a hint of the wilderness I think.
    All your ramblings and comments from others teach me to be a better cat owner and person; to not be so controlling, and let my cats just work out their squabbles themselves. Thank you again!

  13. Molly…

    I echo everything Bobin said and so much more! You know what I have been dealing with in my life and even though I have said it many times, I cannot thank you enough for everything you do. You and your kitties are really a bright light in my very difficult life! Whenever I’m having a really bad day emotionally or if I’m in a lot of pain, I can always watch some of your videos, read your blog, or stare at the flower in hopes of seeing your kitties antics.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    ~Mindy (and Phoebe & Zoey)

  14. Molly I want to congratulate you as well, Bobin has said it all and Im sure many others agree. Thank You for all the wonderful entertainment and sharing!

  15. Dear Molly,

    I think that Bobin said it all. Every day starts with me going to Mythic Bells to see what is new with you and your kitties. Thank you so much for ensuring a bright start.

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