Good progress today

I made great progress today and have all of the full sheets of mosaic down.  Tomorrow I’ll start filling in the the edges.  I don’t quite have enough floor tiles … sigh… lol.  I could order another box and wait a week, or decide to do something … interesting.  We’ll see.


10 responses to “Good progress today

  1. WELL DONE Molly! That tile looks beautiful and talk about organized…. Wowie Zowie I’d have crapola everywhere! Great Job~ Carry On!

  2. That looks nice! Is that tile easier to lay or do you still have to put all the little spacers in-between like you do with bigger ceramic tiles?

  3. Forgot to ask…have you had any “helpers?”

  4. Jennifer Heizer

    The tile looks great Molly! I’m sure you would come up with something VERY creative!!! I’m sure this bathroom is going to look awesome when you are done. Are you going to paint anything on the walls? You have painted some amazing things else where in your house 🙂

    • Welllll …. there IS one small area that remains blank on the white wall opposite the toilet. I previously had some art hung there. I’ve had several ideas for it, but nothing has taken root yet. After I finish the rest, perhaps something will come to mind. 😀

  5. LittlePrincessMom

    You are doing a beautiful job Molly. Can’t wait to see it someday. More power to you. I know your kitties will enjoy seeing it. Blessings

  6. Great job Molly, love your ideas too.

    Had a friend that made a big, wide arrow with exit pointing down the cold air return in blue and red in his bathroom. You remind me of him with your ideas.
    Val in MI

  7. I wish I had enough energy to do what you’re doing! So far it looks terrific, Molly!

  8. oooo Molly, you make it sound SO easy.

    I ‘get a bloke in to do it for me’ cos I know that I can reliably totally ruin ANY job you were to give me, howevere ‘simple’.

    WELL DONE. I envy you.


    • Notice I’m not writing much about today and I nip little tiny pieces off in an attempt to get the corners filled. Now I know why having a room tiled by professionals costs so much .. but I’m sure takes 1/4 the time.

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