Early progress photos

Okay, you asked for it, so here it is.  I took these in progress photos for my sister, so happened to have them handy.  I hope to make GREAT progress this morning.  Only basic kitty-staff chores to be done today in  order to get this project back on track.  I took yesterday off to go to a cat show with Shy and BlueCatEyes.  For those of you who don’t know who they are, they are S’Arge and Blizzard’s family.  S’Arge and Blizzard are brother and sister, chinchilla silvers from Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn’s first two litters.  Blue checked out the purple splatters spreading onto the white ceiling and said: “oh, I see.  Wherever you made a mistake you just started dabbing paint.”  😀  She tends to tell it like it is.

As you can see, it has one very purple wall.  The small white cabinet is newly mounted, and poor Kalahari no longer has a shower curtain to tear down.  He’s working on getting his little paws in behind the sliding doors over the tub, but hasn’t succeeded yet.  I’m sure he will in time.  The sink and vanity are going out in favor of a pedestal sink for more floor space.  Wall tile will extend up the walls about 40 inches.


16 responses to “Early progress photos

  1. It looks as if it’s all coming along nicely, well done you but I think you’re a bit mean taking Kalahari’s shower curtain away. I wonder how long it will take him to master the door. 😀

  2. Oh I LOVE the color!! So far it is shaping up quite nicely 🙂

  3. I think Kalahari masters most doors … lol !!! including one in the kitchen? At least I think that was him opening doors and hiding somewhere there. Love the colour of that wall… 😀

  4. You havent mentioned it specifically I think, but I hope and am sure you are designing the new downstairs bathroom for possible future kitten usage as well as for humans?

    • Oh that goes with out saying. In fact this whole face lift was motivated by the need for sufficient floor space for a decent litter box. I will also need it as stud quarters for night time use as it gives me another option in addition to the cabana cage over the cat door to the enclosure.

  5. Purple Purple Purple Yay……Molly you are the most amazing lady I know!!!! 😀

  6. never had a purple bathroom but yours looks gorgeous. Good idea to paint it that colour, I love it very much. which colour the tiles will be?the same purple or something lighter?I’m getting curious,now. By the way, I love your colourful house full of kitties!Looks like paradise to me.

  7. I’m impressed! And I like the color. Your purple is about the intensity of the red on my living room/kitchen wall (just one wall).

  8. Molly…I love the bathroom so far! You & I love the same colors, so I love everything I have seen of your entire house! Purple is my favorite, so I’m predicting I will be very jealous of your bathroom when it’s done. I’m amazed & impressed that you’re doing all the work yourself…wish I knew how to do stuff like that!

    • Mindy it’s easy. You just type in http://www.youtube.com and search the ‘howto’ videos … lol.

      • I’ll get right on that! LOL! I’m a “color” person. Right now, my dining room & bedroom are in pastels, but the walls in my dining room are deep lavender and my bedroom has pale pink walls with sheer dark purple curtains to coordinate with my floral comforter. My living room has off-white walls to off-set all the primary colors of my huge Peanuts collection with a black leather couch and red curtains. When I move into my parents’ house I will be entering a “blah” world! The entire den is cream & beige! The rest of the house has lots & lots of beige with a touch of peach or mint green thrown in here or there…YUCK! The walls in “my” room are baby blue right now (my mom chose that color because she put my now-6 year old nephew’s crib in there 4 1/2 years ago when my parents bought the house). I need to decide what color to paint or if I want to leave it since purple & light blue look nice together…

  9. Peanuts collection? Lovely! I have quite a few things myself, though not enough space to display. I’m actually thinking of selling some of it – never thought I’d say that, but I’m running of of space.

    Molly, you are an inspiration!

    • I have the Peanuts collection, not Molly. Right now, unless you have something rare and/or valuable, collectables are not selling.

      • Sorry – answered in the wrong space! I’m backwards at this stuff. Not much that’s rare – just special to me. Interesting because I just read from Peanuts Collectors Club that a major collector is selling a bunch of stuff… Anyway, I could resist commenting from a fellow Peanuts person!

      • In all likelihood, a major collector would have those rare/valuable pieces. Did they sell things or do they WANT to sell? In today’s market, I know the less valuable things, like Peanuts on Parade figurines, for example, are NOT selling even for prices less than they sold for originally. I know because I looked into selling my figurines as I need the money, but they only sold for $25 each new. They mean too much to me to “give” away.

      • I forgot to say, especially since the pieces mean something to you, do yourself a favor and keep them. The few bucks in your pocket would not be worth the regret you would feel, IMO. Check out ebay…you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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