Blah, Blah, Blah …

Much has been going on. So much to do and so little time.

I think I’ve already mentioned Sahara’s little adventure with the teeth cleaning. Right. One of my favorite cat issues as you probably know by now. I saved SO much money on Nugget’s mouth — in other words it came in way under the estimate — I decided to have Sahara done this year too. Hurrumppfff. All I have to say is it’s good that Nugget saved me all that money, because every cent went to cover Sahara’s teeth. She has quite a few resorptive lesions. Perhaps I’ll write more about those at some point, but you all probably know more about them than I do. I just take my cat in and if the vet says she needs an extraction, I have it done and don’t think much about it. This time was a bit different, which prompted me to do a little research. Resorptive lesions are cats’ form of cavities, except they can’t be repaired like ours can. They continue to erode until the tooth falls out and can apparently be quite painful. In the middle of surgery the vet called me to tell me about the two extractions that had already been done and that possibly the two canines on one side, upper and lower, should also be removed as they had small lesions. He was out of time so we decided to wait and think it over. Ultimately we decided to put it off until they cause her problems. A cat who is catching birds and chasing squirrels is probably not in any pain. She’s recovered nicely.

Next up – the stud pants/princess pantie venture. We’ve made our first sales! JAFO, bless her heart, started a buy the first pair, get a second pair for free for the month of October. As busy as she is with this and her other projects, day job, etc. she found the time to make Sequoia two new pair with a special adjustment feature. As Sequoia fills out and gets fluffier, Simba Kahn’s were getting a little tight on her. Now that I have new carpeting in — yes! we survived that! I’ve renewed my interest in controlling the peeing situation. Yeah, like that’s really going to happen!! Well let me have my delusions. Simba Kahn’s marking is very minimal at the moment, so it’s mostly Sequoia who is blessed with my undivided attention. I got the cutest photo of her tonight (below). I lure her, or sometimes place her, in the litter box and she will often dutifully use it! What a good little girl. So, “we” are attempting a bit of training here. Tonight I set her in the litter box and she just sat there for the longest time watching the world go by. Finally Kalahari climbed in and said, “well if you aren’t going to use it, I will!”


Sequoia: "I'll just sit here for a few, thank you very much, until you put those horrid Princess Panties away."



Kalahari & Sequoia


You can see that I’ve found a new storage box that I like. It’s good sized with nice high sides and I’ve cut the entry higher. With kittens, though, it may be too high, so adjustments may have to be made later.

All of the kitties are doing very well at the moment.  Gypsy Rose may set a new Woolly Beast record as she fluffs up for the winter.  Kalahari is one handsome lad, and totally irrepressible.  He still showers with me, which is a kick.

Many of you have heard about the bathroom face lift.  Yes, the downstairs bath is finally getting a makeover.  In 2004 I repainted the interior of the house and ran out of steam when I got to the bath and it’s been sitting there for six years.  I’ve pulled the sink and toilet out, repainted and I’m currently struggling with tiling the floor and the walls.  It IS a DIY project that I wanted to do myself!  It is!  LOL.  I must be crazy.  But it will be fun too.  I’m off to a sluggish start as I work out my methods and get organized.  It’s been a few years since I did any tiling and some of this will be new to me.  I’ll bore you with photos if it’s not too much of a disaster.  At the current rate of progression, you can expect completion by next year if I don’t get too much help from Kalahari.

That’s it for now!


10 responses to “Blah, Blah, Blah …

  1. I got quite a chuckle from the picture of Sequoia AND Kalahari in the litter box! Too funny! :o)

  2. Those pictures are hilarious! I love them! You have cats that just sit inside the box, and I have one that perches on the edge, so his feet don’t have to touch the litter! He would never put up with a box with walls that high – he’d probably fall in!

    Interesting about the dental adventure…

  3. Darling picture of Sequoia just sitting there. You can practically see the scowl on her adorable little face!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful update Molly ! Sequoia and Kalahari look adorable sitting side by side 😀 Their faces tell it all … LOL !!!

  5. Jennifer Heizer

    Thanks for the news-y update Molly! Sounds like you are very busy with redecorating AND keeping up with the kitties. I would LOVE to see photos of what you are doing to the bathroom. I just love what you have done with the rest of your house and I’m sure the bathroom will be just as exciting!! Love the picture of Sequoia dutifully sitting in the litter box for you although she seems quite happy just to sit there and KF doesn’t mind a little company when he is taking care of business 😀

  6. Jennifer Heizer

    Oh, by the way, the calendar is so AWESOME!!! I love it 🙂

  7. Lovely pics and news ty Molly

    Yes we would ALL like to see pics of ‘bathroom in progress’ please.. not just the nicely finished bits but ‘before during and after’, if thats possible?

    Glad that KF not put off from howering with you.

    Also v glad Saharas survived her teefixings ok.

    Thanks for taking time to keep us up to date Molly.

  8. Oh Molly, I love the way you say ‘I’ve pulled the sink and toilet out’ making it sound like it’s the easiest job in the world, lol! Good luck to your bathroom project, I’m sure the final result will be great.

    The picture of Sequoia and Kalahari in the litter box is so cute, what an entertaining twosome they are.
    Bye the way, I have just received my calendar and have sat oohing and aahing over every page…. can’t wait for 2011 so I can put it up on the wall!

    • Oh, so glad that you like the calendar! I have to admit that though I did detach toilet and sink, it was soon apparent that it would be stupid for me to try to actually move them out on my own. I could lift the toilet just enough to swing it around off the hole. So I called a couple of friends to help me get them out to the garage. I had grand plans of re-installing the new sink and the toilet myself, but decided that if I manage to get the tile in I will have earned a treat — aka: a plumber to reinstall everything! 😀

      • I think you definitely deserve to hire a plumber to install your new sink and toilet! I have never tiled anything, but I saw the process when my uncle did it, and that will be a ton of work…even though it’s a small area. I’m glad you got help from friends, rather than trying to move the toilet & sink yourself. The last thing you need is to hurt yourself! That would be awful (take it from me)!

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