Mythicbells Persian 2011 Calendar

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and the kitties with one thing and another.  Hopefully I’ll find time for a nice newsy update soon.  I did manage to get the calendar ready and uploaded to CafePress and I ordered one to make sure it looks good.  IT DOES!  So, I can now make the link public to those who might be interested.  I’ve decided to show you the pages below.  After some debate I stayed with the ‘milk’ names for the “G” and “H” litter kittens who are identified by name in the calendar on their month.  Who was chosen for which month was purely random.

Calendars can be purchased through CafePress at: (note, if you go through CafePress and find it via a search they mark it up a little more, so you can save a couple of dollars by going through this link.  I’ll put the link over to the right as well so it can be found when this post moves down.

January: Gypsy Rose
February: Hiawatha / Lenny
March: Goliath / Mickey
April: Nugget
May:  Half Pint / Misha
June: Kalahari Falcon
July: Gobi Bear / Austin
August: Gecko / Kai
September: Halo / Molly
October: Sirocco
November: Geronimo / Fyero
December: Sequoia


13 responses to “Mythicbells Persian 2011 Calendar

  1. popponessetbandit


  2. Purrrrr-fect! Great job, Molly!

  3. I’ve decided there need to be more months in a year so there can be more pages for all the cute kittens and adult kitties of Mythicbells in 2010! I honestly don’t know how you managed to choose which pictures to include, Molly! I love all the ones you chose, but knowing how much you love to take pictures, it had to be SO hard to choose! I’m sure all the kitties pictured would love your choices…I know I did! :o)

  4. Jennifer Heizer

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the calendar Molly!! I am ordering not only for “Moi” but to give away as a holiday gift 😀 I have decided that my family and friends deserve the preciousness of Mythicbells all year. Thanks for putting this together…it is an awesome calendar.

  5. Well done and thanks, Molly.

    Im sure that from the masses of pics you have, even if you were to publish a ‘second cut’ of pictures, they would be just as delightful.
    How did you choose in the end, or did you let Sirocco choose?
    Perhaps next year, one calendar of the Adultcats and one of the kitties?


  6. Thank you all. Yes, they make great gifts. You can imagine what my friends and family will be getting for Christmas! 😀

    Choosing the photos can be a challenge AND choosing who to include. This year who to include was easy–every adult not included last year and each kitten in this year’s litters. Often a photo I REALLY wanted to include will not be good enough — i.e. high enough resolution, or out of focus. I had fun making the slightly smaller photos work with the artistic fill-in rather than just leave the page white. Each kitten goes home with a little photo in a frame which tends to be the best photo I managed to catch of that kitten while he or she was here. Many of you who have “G” and “H” kittens will probably notice that the photos in the calendar are the same as their adoption gift photos, with a few exceptions such as Geronimo/Fyero who I think had two I dithered over. Also possibly Gobi Bear/Austin and Gecko/Kai. I had a number of Hiawatha/Lenny too (very photogenic little guy), but many had back ground problems. I can’t remember which one I sent him home with.

  7. Oh that’s excellent Molly, my order will be going through very shortly.

  8. LittlePrincessMom

    Oh Molly the calendar is just beautiful. I will be ordering soon. Great job.Blessings to you and all the kitties.

  9. Molly,

    Very beautiful calender. I am soooooo proud to have my baby featured as Miss September. I will be ordering mine today.


  10. Love the calendar Molly, especially the picture of my favorite, Sirocco. Nothing personal, she just happened to be the “kitten in residence” when I started watching Mythic Bells. She’s also cute as a button of course. Or should that be a paperclip?
    I love all the other kitties too, of course. 🙂

  11. Merry Christmas Molly and family! I just purchased your great calender . This will brighten my new year. I do wish you and the fur balls a Happy and blessed New Year!

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