Anniversaries …

October already!  October is a significant month for Mythicbells.  Coincidentally, it’s the month I brought home my first two Pedigree Persian kittens with breeding rights in 2004 and also the month the very first Mythicbells litter was born in 2005.  “They” say that a breeder is not considered experienced enough to mentor another breeder until she has five years of breeding under her belt.  I’m not clear as to whether that means from the date she begins the endeavor or from the date her first litter is born.  I’ve been figuring it from the first litter, so as of October 2010, I will be an EXPERIENCED breeder — more or less.  I’m assuming that is also going to depend on what kind of student she’s been in feline husbandry, how many litters she’s delivered in that time frame, etc.  Regardless, by the five year mark an experienced breeder should probably have figured out that she has barely scratched the surface of what she SHOULD know.   Also, it’s more or less established that the average life span of a breeding career is five years.  It’s at that point that the breeder either a. becomes a cat hoarder and spirals out of control, b. moves up to the next level and begins to retire and re-home her breeding cats to allow room for new cats to come in, or c. begins folding her tents and planning for retirement.  I am not discussing my options or thought processes in regards to these decisions; this is not the point of this article.

I’m celebrating the SIXTH anniversary of Mythicbells.   My reasons for going into breeding were many–from the convoluted and ridiculous to the more altruistic.  In early 2004 I became obsessed with feline nutrition in caring for three older Persians.  Also, I wanted a younger generation coming in to ease the blow of losing the older.  I began my research in March and by August had made my decision, contacted several breeders, chosen and registered a cattery name, and met and put a deposit down on Nugget.  I brought Nugget home on October 1, 2004.  Shortly after that the breeder contacted me  with a picture of the sassiest little chinchilla silver kitten you ever saw.   Yes!  It was Tiny Bear!  She came home to live with me on October 31, 2004 and exactly 12 months later to the day on Halloween, 2005 she presented me with my first litter of kittens.

Clockwise starting with the dark one, my original 3 Persians: Monkey, Daisy, Josephine

Tiny Bear & Nugget

Tiny Bear & Daisy

Monkey with Tiny Bear & Nugget

Tiny Bear had gotten herself into a fix! Nugget is helping.

Tiny Bear & Daisy

Nugget & Tiny Bear

Tiny Bear & Josephine

Josephine & Monkey


22 responses to “Anniversaries …

  1. Happy Anniversary. Love the pictures of the older generation and Tiny Bear is a cutie.

  2. Happy Anniversary Molly!! I LOVE the baby pictures of Nugget and Tiny Bear. What great names you come up with!! Monkey is a great name for a kitty 🙂 Nugget really looks like the kittens you have had…Thanks for posting.

  3. Happy Anniversary Molly! You pictures of the older kittens are darling.

  4. ”Happy Anniversary” to you Molly – your story is amazing…I never miss your blogs or videos – they always make my day. Catch up soon 😀

  5. Holy Cow !!!!!!!! Monkey looks like a darker version of our Gypsy Rose. Was she as fluffy as it looks ????
    Baby Nugget and Baby tiny Bear…..adorable.

    • Monkey was very fluffy, but not as fluffy as GR. She was a Tortoiseshell … she died of heart disease at the age of 10 just a week before the first litter was born with Gypsy Rose in it and GR often reminds me of Monkey … very plush and huggable.

      • Monkey was very beautiful. I’m so sad to hear that you lost her so young! Was her heart disease part of your drive to develop proper feline nutrition?

      • No, it was Daisy who started me on the nutrition thing. She was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease when she was very young (2 or 3), and I fought that with all the drugs and prescription diets for almost 10 years. By 2004 she was having all diarrhea all the time, never in the litter boxes, and the vet wasn’t able to suggest anything more to try so I figured I couldn’t possibly do any worse and I switched her to the raw diet. It wasn’t a cure, but it did stop the diarrhea after about 2 weeks. Monkey was diagnosed with HCM that same year and I believe that to be mostly a hereditary issue? However the previous year Josephine had had surgery for intestinal lymphoma, which in some cases I think is linked to inflammatory bowel disease.

      • Phoebe and Zoey were officially diagnosed with IBD when they were 3, but the symptoms started when they were 2 1/2. My vet said that age is common for IBD to appear when it is hereditary, which he thought was the case with my girls. I was and still am very lucky…although diarrhea is a very rare thing now, both my girls have always made it to their litterbox. The vomiting has been anywhere, including my bed in the middle of the night, but that has also not been as much of a problem as it was in the past. They both actually had MANY more bouts of vomiting on the prescription diet than on the more natural diet (not sure how you feel about brand names, so I left them out). Tomorrow’s vet visit will hopefully shed more light on the diet issue…

  6. Happy, Happy Anniversary, Molly! What a little doll Tiny Bear was! And Monkey, Daisy and Josephine were precious, too! I’ve never seen Monkey before — her dark coloring was just like my feral kitty, Chloe. So cute! And those pictures of Nugget make me think of my Mickey. Thanks for the pictures, and here’s hoping you have six more wonderful years (and many, many more) with your kitties!

  7. Ciao! Happy anniversary to all the Mythicbells Queens,stud with pants and playful ones(yes Kalahari and Sequoia, I’m talking to you!). And to the kind,experienced breeder too, without whom no 0ne would have known such beautiful cats. thank you for providing advices and your wonderful photos to make us happy with your cute kitties faces. 😀

  8. A VERY Happy Kittiversary, Molly.
    I had nevr seen (was unaware of) Monkey and Daisy (probably not read your website carefully enough).

    The pictures of them all are SO delightful, especially to those of us who have only known TB and Nugget as mature adults.

    We love your stories bot of past, present and, possibly, future.
    Thanks for enriching all our lives, feline and human.


    • Daisy and Josephine were my first Persians (Himalayans). I got them in 1992. The were not littermates but were closely related and within a week of the same age and I brought them home together. In 1996 I went to a cat show and fell in love with Monkey and brought her home – she was 12 weeks old and just a doll. I had never intended on having a THIRD Persian … now look at me! lol.

  9. I wish you the happiest of anniversaries, Molly! I, too, love the pictures of your 3 older cats! I only knew Josephine, so I loved seeing Monkey (with his gorgeous coloring) and Daisy! I also loved seeing more pictures of Tiny Bear and Nugget as kittens! The picture of Tiny Bear stuck couldn’t have been cuter, although I’m sure she wouldn’t agree! All of your cats, past and present, have been SO lucky to have you in their lives! I know I speak for all of us in saying how much we love you and thank you for being you!

  10. Love the pictures of the past.

  11. popponessetbandit

    Thank you Molly, for sharing yourself and the lives of you kitties with us. After reading the posts, you surely know that you and your cats have touched the lives of your followers. Animal lovers, cat lovers are a special breed of people..As I look at the pictures of your beloved past kitties, I get a tear in my eye for those I have lost, but remember with love. Sometimes we need to look back to see the future….. Happy Anniversary, Molly, and many more to come!

  12. Happy Anniversary Molly. Love the pictures of all the kitties, so delightful. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a Persian with the dark coloring Monkey had.

  13. A very happy anniversary Molly to you and all the furry occupants of Mythicbells. I love the photos of Nugget and Tiny Bear when they were young and the three originals Monkey, Daisy and Josephine as well.
    After five years you are much more than just an EXPERIENCED breeder, you are an amazing person and I’m sure every one of those kittys who has passed through your hands would agree with me! 😀

    • Molly –
      You only have to look at the determined efforts that Flash makes, to escape (no doubt back to your care, and away from that well known ogre Kodi) to see the truth In Griabells’s comments!

      LOL Bobin

  14. Congratulations Molly on Mythicbells Anniversary! I think your years of experience as a breeder , combined with (a pilot’s analytical skill) creative talents and loving nature , all make you an excellent breeder! The proof is in the beautiful healthy persians you have (helped) bring into this world. I think the families of those who adopted one of you littlle ones would probably agree.

  15. Happy anniversary Molly!! Tiny Bear is so adorable as a kitten.. and has grown up into a beautiful, majestic feline! I agree with the others.. the MythicBell clan is very lucky to have you; and we are all lucky to have you too!

  16. Candace Malesic

    Congrats Molly!
    I just want you to know how precious our Fyero is! He is the perfect mix of mom and dad(Sahara and Simba Khan). Your other kitties are cute but I am partial to our loverboy! Thank you for breeding not JUST beautiful kitties but LOVING sweethearts!

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