Gypsy Rose in her winter coat


24 responses to “Gypsy Rose in her winter coat

  1. Gorgeous and she knows it!

  2. Gypsy Rose is just magnificent! Wow, though…if she’s already getting her winter coat, what’s she gonna look like by January? LOL! :o)

  3. VERY fluffy!!

  4. The most beautiful, sweetest, most beloved! And all around are beautiful!

  5. What a precious girl!

  6. Winter coat?Wow!That means a lot of grooming, am I right? She’s gorgeous and fluffy as always. I love her furry and chubby muzzle, she s so cute !

  7. i love kitty mid-yawn pictures!! she looks so big and fluffy!

  8. Brilliant pics, thanks.

    Let’s hope she is able to participate more in the bringing up of the next litter(s) – whenever that is.


  9. She’s a beautiful girl!! Sooo early for a winter coat though…especially in California….but she carries it off well. Miss Rose is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  10. Beautiful pictures of the Gypsy girl Molly, I especially love the one of her yawning…… and she blends in so well with the rug too, lol! 😀

    • New bedspread, actually … 😀 …. she just took it over as her own the minute I put it on the bed.

      • I was actually gonna comment on your quilt but for some reason I forgot. It’s really pretty! Did someone make it or did you buy it somewhere? My store-bought quilt is falling apart after one too many trips to the washing machine after Zoey threw up, again, on it in the middle of the night.

      • I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond…. it’s a matter of time before it takes on that shoddy cat lady look, just like the old one did. I’m hoping this one won’t snag as badly as the bad one did from their claws.

  11. Everyone is right… what a beauty! I wish I could run my hands through all that fluff!!

  12. Butiful Gypsy Rose! Almost more fur than cat. 🙂
    I wonder if getting her winter coat early means a harder winter? I don’t know how cold it usually gets in No. California?

    • I wonder these things too. Gypsy Rose is a mystery. It must be a100 degrees outside right now and she’s laying out under the jade plant. It’s in the shade, but it can’t be that cool.

      • Wow! I didn’t realize it got that hot in Northern CA! How cold does it usually get in the winter? In CT we literally can go from one extreme to the other with below zero in the winter to 100 in the summer. This summer I can’t remember it hitting 100 but we had bad humidity. Last winter I don’t think we ever hit 0 or below, but it can happen. In 1994 we had a particularly cold (and snowy) winter where we saw way below freezing temps and well over 100 inches of snow! I was in college in Keene, NH which typically ran just about 5 degrees different from CT as it sits in the valley of Mt. Monadnock. I remember waking up and hearing on the radio, “Good morning, Keene…it’s 35 below on this beautiful winter morning!” That was very extreme and not typical, but it’s quite a weird feeling to have it be so cold your nostrils stick together outside! LOL

      • California is a big place. It depends on where you are. The Bay Area doesn’t have much in the way of extremes. Where I live, close to the valley, it can get very hot, but it never lingers for more than a few days before the marine layer cools it off. Just over the hill towards Sacramento it’s stifling much of the summer. In “true” Northern Calif. where I grew up in the Sierra’s we saw 100s in the summers and well below freezing in the winters.

      • From CT, near Hartford, where I live to Keene, NH is only about 100 miles, so it’s hard to compare it to California, where 100 miles is nothing…

  13. She is just so beautiful. She will be perfect to cuddle on a cool evening.

  14. LittlePrincessMom

    Beautiful, Beautiful pictures of Gypsy Rose. Very proud to have her sister Miss Little Princess.

  15. It’s like looking at the wooly caterpillar to determine if it’s going to be a cold winter. Looking at Gypsy rose, you’d better prepare to bundle up !!!!

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