Simba Kahn – today!

For the card carrying Simba Kahn Fan Club Members … ummmm, I guess that’s everyone! 😀


16 responses to “Simba Kahn – today!

  1. Card no: Zero;
    Comment no 1
    Well done SK – you ‘brush up’ very well (esp and including ear tufts).
    Handsome lad… no wonder everyone loves you.


  2. woops I forgot to also tick the ‘notify me of follow up comments’ box…. SOrreeeeeeeeeee

  3. Simba Kahn looks so precious in that shot! : )

  4. Great shot! but for some reason I want to call him “Bear Claws Stud Pants” What big eyes.

  5. That picture is too adorable Molly.
    He sure is a handsome dude.

  6. He certainly seems to be taking all this attention in stride! What a handsome guy!

  7. Handsome guy ! I wonder what he is thinking? 😀

  8. Oh…what a great shot of Simba Kahn!! Sooo handsome and that cute little pink tongue is just the cherry on top of the cake 🙂 I just want to scoop him up and “cuddle” ♥

  9. he looks so cuddly. his half brother (my Rudy) is cuddly, lovable, gives tons of kisses but is a tid bit scared of himself! molly, is he cuddly?

    • We most definitely have to define ‘cuddly’ here! lol. My evaluation is that SK is not cuddly. But he will allow me to pick him up and carry him if he doesn’t think I’m going to do something deadly to him like put on Stud Pants or apply flea meds. He loves to be petted, scratched, and brushed and enjoys sitting next to me on the couch. He can also be the absolute MOST OBNOXIOUS cat I’ve ever had when he wants his food–it’s head butts, leg rubs, tail swishing in the face, prancing across the keyboard if I’m at the computer … he is RELENTLESS!!

  10. That photo has gorgeous, adorable written all over it. He looks as if he’s got his eye on something out of the window, I can almost see his ears twitching!

  11. molly that is funny you say he’s relentless. so is his half bro. he jumps up on the bed in the wee hours to let me know that he’s hungry. i can’t tell you how many times he’s freaked me out doing that! dead silence followed by a pounce and a huge food breath kitty meow in my face! rudy allows me to carry him too but he does NOT like to be combed!

  12. Lisa, I would LOVE to see pictures of Rudy, since my late beloved Rowdy was related to him. Rowdy was also relentless when it came to food, also woke me up by standing on me, begging for food and staring intently down on my face, and was also not cuddly, although we kept telling him that being cuddled was part of his “job.” He was always too busy to cuddle, unless he was passed out, and then he was just an unresponsive lump on your lap. Anywho…

    Simba Kahn is soooooooo adorable!!!!! I just love him to pieces!!!!!!! Thank you for my fix, Molly. Now off to cuddle Mickeypoo, since he’s at hand and cuddle-able!

  13. When ever any of my cats allowed me a cuddle, I would inform them that it was time to ‘pay the rent’. They seemed to accept that.

  14. He’s such a good-looking fella…………. : )

  15. Simba Kahn is SO fine!! *heart melting*

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