The Silvers!

I got a couple of nice shots of my two silvers today!

Tiny Bear, Grand Matriarch

Kalahari Falcon, PuppyCat at Large


19 responses to “The Silvers!

  1. Those are darling pictures Molly. Thank you. There’s a picture in the photo albums of Tiny Bear and another of her kittens, don’t know which one. They are walking along a path together, TB in front, and the caption is so clear to me, from the expression on her face: “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times”… Don’t know if you can think of the one I mean?

  2. Nice pictures! Tiny Bear looks so soft, I just want to scoop her up and pet her! (She looks a tad grumpy, but that’s OK — it’s her job to get pet, right?)

  3. You really can not but get good shots of those two.

  4. Kalahari “Why do you keep following me? I keep TELLING you theres nothing to be suspicious of… and I keep checking on you just in case you have thoughts of escaping…”

  5. Just thought of the title to this post: “Every clown has a silver lining”

  6. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous kitties as usual!
    Love those green eyes too!

  7. LittlePrincessMom

    Beautiful, Beautiful pictures, what can I say. Love them all

  8. some “nice” shots? MOLLY! they are better than nice! you have such a great eye for kitty pics and they are so photogenic!

  9. Breathtaking !! Thank you, Molly….. touches my soul to look at such
    beautiful creatures………….

  10. Beautiful pictures. I loved the “puppycat at large” caption!

  11. Thanks Molly. So that was Blizzard. She’s all grown up now of course.
    Before my time so I never saw her “in the flesh” so to speak.

  12. Those pictures capture Tiny Bear and Kalahari to a T! Ms. Mature and Mr. Innocent! Both shots could not be more beautiful, Molly!

  13. Great pictures Molly!!! Each expression captures their title 🙂

  14. Oh Molly I dearly love these two and the photos are great, I love both of their personalities and their faces…I miss playing chase with Stonewall. And Sequoia, what a hoot in her little panties….what a great idea.

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